10 Great Habits to Stick By For a Healthy Life

10 Great Habits | Lovesurf Blog

Did you know that if you’re write an ambition down you’re way more likely to stick to it? It’s true! One of our favorite bloggers, Zanita, shared 10 of her great habits in hopes of successfully achieving them. These are perfect for every LoveSurf girl to try.


  1.  Exercise Regularly. What I’ve found is that reducing the amount of time in my commitment is incredibly helpful. If I say I’m going to the gym, I’m commit to 15-20 of cardio minutes and then once I’m in there I’ll end up doing 40 anyway. Sometimes. Every bit counts! And helps immensely with your energy and focus.
  2.  Read for 20 minutes everyday. Well it doesn’t need to be 20 minutes but a good healthy swig of book juice into your brain will really boost your brain. We can all use a little extra learning!
  3.  Drink water. Drinking water when you first wake and then loading up throughout the day is probably the simplest and cheapest way to improve the quality of your life. Getting more H20 can improve your digestion, your skin, help you lose weight, give you more energy – it benefits all your bodies process.
  4.  Make a routine. Even if you’re surrounds are in constant flux, you can still do the same set of actions each morning and night and create a routine. In the morning so you might start your day in a stress free environment, something you can rely on – and then in the evening so you can prepare you body for sleep.
  5.  Learn something new. Setting yourself a new challenge can be really rewarding – and can get your brain thinking in new ways. Whether it be a new hobby or even just something small everyday like a new word in your vocabulary. I’m currently studying a bit of Swedish when I can but I really want to pick up my game.
  6.  Pay compliments. I love this one. It’s really just about doing something for someone else each day – paying compliments can just be the start – eventually you can make bigger contributions. In the words of Audrey Hepburn: ‘As you grow older you discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself and the other for helping others.’ Boosting the positivity of people around you is a wonderful place to begin.
  7.  Take 10-15 quiet time. We all need this. No phone, no laptop, no tv. Just yourself and a calm place to breathe to contemplate your day and your ambitions. Like mediation but less confusing. Quiet and thoughts
  8.  Set online boundaries. I need this one major time – I’m a terrible procrastinator. I feel like I’m improving though – by setting times to achieve tasks and allocating periods to check social media. It’s a really challenging one for me to keep but I’m persevering. Getting shit done!
  9.  Eat more vegetables. The reasons for this one are pretty obvious, we can all use more vitamins and good health – but the how is much trickier! With a bit of research you can find some good recipes to make vegetables not only palatable but amazing.
  10.  Make fewer excuses. All the people who have achieved greatness in the face of adversity have had the ability to ignore that nagging little voice in their heads that says “I can’t do it.” So one of the answers to success and achieving what you want is to focus on the abilities you do have, instead of looking around and blaming other variables. Telling yourself that you goal isn’t possible because of  X or Y is the first step towards failure. Find a way!  #power

Hopefully this list has inspired you to write down something and make small changes for the better too!

Which is your favorite? Comment below :)

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