4 Powerful Meal Pairings

Have you ever wondered how to take a body-loving dish to the next level!? Today we’re sharing amazing combinations that not only taste delicious, but also increase your body’s ability to absorb the nutrients contained in the food! OH YES! If you thought kale couldn’t get any better for you, think again Talk about a match made in heaven, here are 4 ways to supercharge your meals… Power Pair 1: Steamed kale or broccoli topped with an egg! Why your body loves it: This combo is great for two amazing reasons. First, you’re giving your body essential nutrients that includes vitamin D from the egg yolk and calcium from the greens! These two nutrients are essential, playing a key role in increasing immunity, bone health and even cell growth — but what makes this a supercharged match is that Vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium. Let’s not forget one of our favorite benefits: this tasty duo makes a simple and satisfying lunch! Powerful Pair 2: Dark Chocolate & Berries Why your body loves it: This decadent combo feels sexy and is good for you to boot! Not only are berries and chocolate always a good idea, but the combination of iron (from the chocolate) and Vitamin C (from the berries) is really … Continue reading 4 Powerful Meal Pairings