5 Afternoon Habits For Healthy Weight Loss

Sticking to a healthy weight-loss plan sometimes seems like a full-time gig. You’ll soon find that making little changes to your old routine throughout the day can make all the difference. Starting the day off right is integral, but each of these afternoon habits will help keep your weight-loss goals on a path headed for success.

Stay Hydrated

Water is essential for healthy weight loss. Not only does top trainer Chris Powell suggest drinking warm water in order to stay full, but research has shown that drinking 16 ounces of water before meals is proven to help with weight loss. While this is a great habit, be sure to refill your water bottle throughout the day, or if you don’t get up that often, set an alarm to remind yourself to drink.

Snack Right

Sugary or sodium-laden snacks are (unfortunately) always available. Coming prepped to work with your own healthy snacks ready to go will make resisting temptation easier. In the morning, cut up some fresh fruit or veggies, or create one of these healthy snacks full of nuts for a dose of protein and omega-3s.

Get Up and Out

Something as short as a 10-minute break to rev up your body can do wonders. Get outside for a walk with a co-worker during lunchtime as a proactive way to promote weight loss — and get sunshine as an added bonus.

Pack a Lunch

Taking the time to pack a healthy lunch is one of the best ways to stay committed to a healthy meal plan. Most of the time when you do takeout, the calorie count is a mystery, since many foods aren’t labeled. Being able to account for all the ingredients in your food will help you stay committed to your weight-loss goals — and not be surprised by what you’re actually eating.

Don’t Skip the Gym

At the end of a hard workday, it’s easy to make an excuse and not head to the gym or take that run. Keep yourself motivated and know that skipping your workout is not an option. Remember why you’re on this healthy track, and what you’re striving for. And honestly, who couldn’t use an extra boost of endorphins after a tough meeting?

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