5-Minute Morning Yoga For The Best Day Ever

Wanna know a little secret to feeling less stressed, staying focused and sleeping better? Try starting your day with a quick yoga flow. Twist, stretch and jump start your day with this 5-minute morning yoga routine that will help you have one of the best days ever!
This twisting and stretching series will calm your mind and energize your body first thing in the morning. So unroll your mat and follow along with the GIFs below for a caffeine-free A.M. boost. Just don’t forget to do the rejuvenating sequence on both sides.


Start in child’s pose. Concentrate on relaxing your body and deepening your breath. Make your way onto your hands and knees. Begin to alternate between backbending (as you inhale) and rounding forward and up (as you exhale). Do this 3-5 times.


Find a neutral spine and extend right arm and left leg. Pause to challenge your core, then round your back and bring your left knee to touch your forehead. Straighten arm and leg. Bend left knee and reach right hand around and behind body to grab left ankle or foot.


Release leg and flow through downward facing dog. Come into a low lunge with right leg forward (knee stacked above ankle) and left knee touching the ground. Lift arms and lengthen through your torso and shift weight forward to feel a stretch along the front of your left hip.


Lower right hand to right leg. Lift the torso up and over as you stretch to the left.


Return to center and bring your palms to prayer position and slowly twist over your front leg, hooking your elbow on the outside of your right knee (if possible). Press palms together, engage your core and look over your top shoulder.


Return to center and lift your arms overhead and begin to slowly arch back for a mini backbend. Be sure to draw your belly in and stretch your chin away from your chest.


Return to center and plant your hands on both sides of your right foot. Step your right foot back to meet your left and push back into downward facing dog. Then, return to to child’s pose and don’t forget to repeat the entire sequence on the opposite side.

This article was originally published on SELF.

| Lovesurf Blog

5-Minute Morning Yoga For The Best Day Ever was originally published on Love+Surf Magazine

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