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All Photos Courtesy of Alyx House

Hometown: I am from Orange County, Ca but I now live in Chatham, Massachusetts with my husband Stephen and our Boston Terrier pup Bruce!
Interests: Hmm let’s see… pretty much any thing creative. I love drawing, painting, sewing, dye-ing stuff, and making jewelry! I also love to travel and see new places. My favorite thing since moving to the East Coast, has been to explore all the historic & adorable towns over here.
Age: 23
When did you start graphic design and pursue a career in art? My mom is an artist so I knew I always knew that I wanted to pursue a career in art. But I think it was in high school when I decided I loved graphic design. I then studied art/design in college, where I learned how awesome design really is!

What inspires you? Where do you find inspiration? I find inspiration all over the place. I find inspiration in a lot of “craft” work. For example, I love ceramics and woodworking because the artist is so evident in the form. This inspires me in my own design work and encourages me to work outside of the computer whenever I can. But of course I find inspiration from other designers too! In the morning when I wake up, I love looking on my favorite creative blogs and websites while drinking my first cup of coffee (as a freelance designer, there are lots of cups of coffee!)

Do you have a specific process while making your designs? I pretty much always start with a pencil and paper. Even web projects, I make sure to get initial ideas out on paper. I’ve learned that sketching helps to work out my initial ideas quickly and encourages better ones I hadn’t pictured in my brain.
What is your favorite design or project you’ve created? That is a hard question!I am not sure I have a favorite. But I am excited about a personal project I have working on. Here’s a couple teaser images…
What is your favorite part of graphic design? My favorite part of graphic design is that it solves problems. It delivers the message a brand is trying to say to its audience. I love working with my clients trying to figure out that message is, figuring out what that looks like and then getting to sit back and watch how it makes people feel.
How would you describe your artistic style? I feel like I am constantly changing but would probably describe my artistic style as creative & refined with a hand-crafted touch. Probably throw some words like feminine yet bold too! I don’t know if I have developed a specific style yet, I think I am still working on that.
Besides graphic design, do you practice any other type of art or craft? Yes I do! I love making jewelry and this past year I have really gotten into hand-dyeing fabric. I have an Etsy shop of hand-crafted goods made by me.
When you’re not working, what do you do for fun? When I am not working I love dragging my husband to local Flea Markets & antique shops, constantly rearranging my house and of course, searching for a good margarita.
How do you stay active? Favorite outdoor activities? I love yoga and try and get to the studio as much as I can or just roll out my mat in my living room when my schedule gets crazy. I am also lucky to live less than a mile from the beach, so me and my pup get out and walk or run the beach most days.
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As a LoveSurf Artist, Alyx co-designed two of our newest tanks which are now available in-store and on!
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Aloha high-low tank

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Live in the Sunshine Muscle Tank

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 Don’t forget to check our Alyx’s work + make sure to follow her on Instagram @alyxhouse 

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