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Max out your style with a MAXIDRESS!

What is a “maxidress” and why is it the perfect beach coverup?  The term “maxidress” came about years ago when the “minidress” became popular.  This term indicates the opposite of a mini—a maxidress covers your entire leg to the ankle. This long, flowing line is ancient in its beauty and has been in use for thousands of years because its timeless look compliments so many body types and is so feminine and fluid.  The maxidress is a classic that remains as current and modern as any fashion but would also look appropriate in any time period of history. Maxidresses make ideal beachwear because they are loose and flowing, providing plenty of room for you to move but giving you maximum coverage and protection against sun, sand and surf.  These elegant garments are offered in a variety of colors and styles to suit any personality. Choose a maxidress with an asymmetrical hem for a unique, sophisticated look or one with an A-line cut to compliment almost any body shape.  Maxidresses come in almost any color you can imagine, so pick a bright, bold pattern for your next beach coverup.  Lovely aquas, bright reds, soothing greens and happy yellows abound in our …

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Ready for Summer!

If you spend any time on the beach, a cover-up is essential.  Beach cover-ups are usually single pieces, although some come in skirt/top combinations, and offer protection from sand, sun and surf.  They also give you a beautiful finished look that will have heads turning! Cover-ups are some of the most useful garments in your wardrobe, and many of them can move from beach to bar or party easily.  If you are visiting a resort or a friend’s beach house, a cover-up is essential to allow you to move fluidly from beach activity to party or gathering in an instant.   A cover-up makes you look instantly sophisticated and sexy, a woman who knows how to dress for every occasion. The best thing about today’s beach cover-ups is their variety.  Whether you want a short, flirty skirt with a spaghetti-strap top or a long maxi-dress with lovely cap sleeves, you can find the perfect look for your body type and the level of formality you want in a beach cover-up. Body cover-ups with gathered waistlines that fall at the natural waist are better for more rounded figures.  Choose a cover-up with a flattering halter top or thin straps to show off …

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Press Release: LoveSurf Announces Reversible Swimwear

LoveSurf, a company that offers a wide variety of men’s and women’s fashions in swim and casual beach wear, features an array of reversible products that allow savvy shoppers to stretch their clothing budgets as far as possible.  Each item is completely reversible to give two outfits for the price of one.  LoveSurf also offers great values in multi-use casual wear such as maxi dresses and beach cover up dresses, as well as womens’ activewear and outdoor fitness gear. April 10, 2013— As budgets remain tight this year, LoveSurf features an array of reversible swimwear that is sure to extend consumer swimsuit options.  Bargain hunters are advised this will help them to stretch their clothing budget as far as possible. Reversible swimwear offers consumers the perfect way to get the most out of their clothing investment. Consumers have begun to repurpose outfits, mixing and matching to extend their wardrobe options.  LoveSurf, one of the trendiest companies marketing swimwear and casual clothing, has taken the repurposing idea a step further by offering a complete line of reversible items designed to give two completely different looks in one garment. Reversible clothing is not a new concept.  Quality clothing manufacturers have made reversible …

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Water Sports Apparel

If you live in an area with easy access to the ocean or a pool most of the year, chances are that water sports are high on your workout list.  Many people who live close to beaches or in warm climates prefer to exercise in the water, and who can blame them?  You stay cooler and get a great workout in less time with most water sports than you do with other types of exercise.  For those who make working out in the water their primary form of exercise, LoveSurf offers a great lineup of swimsuits, paddle boarding apparel and women’s surf apparel as well as accessories. Recent years have seen an upsurge of interest in water activities of various types that were not popular a few years ago.  For example, stand-up paddle boarding is a sport that has become tremendously popular in the past few years.  Kayaking is another sport that is enjoying a great vogue right now, both on rivers and the ocean.  Surfing has been popular for years, but now more and more people are finding joy in hitting the waves. LoveSurf offers a wide variety of sports clothing suitable for water activities.  From swim suits to …

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Press Release: LoveSurf Reminds Sunbathers of Realities of SPF

LoveSurf, an online retailer that features swimwear, activewear, and casual beach clothing, reminds those heading to the pools and beaches this summer that sunblock with a high SPF is still the best way to protect skin against harmful UV radiation.  Recent studies have shown that even one bad sunburn can raise the risk of future skin cancer, so it is important to prevent sunburn at all times while enjoying sand or surf.  LoveSurf not only advocates the use of sunscreening products but also offers a complete line of cover-ups and active wear, some of which contain built-in sunscreen. April 9, 2013— LoveSurf is reminding sunbathers to lather on sunblock this summer to protect their skin from harmful summer rays.  The dangers of UV radiation have long been made public but many continue to suffer sunburns each year, especially at the beginning of beach season.  Recent evidence suggests, however, that even one bad sunburn can increase the future risk of skin cancer, so it is vitally important to use sunscreen correctly during every sun exposure event, with no exceptions. LoveSurf, a company that specializes in swimwear, casual wear such as beach cover up dresses, and workout clothing, lists some myths about …

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How to Stay Fit on the Beach

Going to the beach does not necessarily mean you have to spend the whole day sunning yourself. Instead, you can engage in any of the following four activities to improve your fitness levels: Running Running is a great exercise when it comes to shedding excess weight, relieving stress, and leading an active lifestyle. However, you must have the right beach activewear before you start running or jogging. You can get good beach lifestyle wear at Surfing When it comes to adventure sports, surfing is quite popular. The good news is you do not have to be a professional surfer to ride the waves. However, you should probably start with something less daunting, for example, stand up paddle boarding. Beach Volleyball All you require to enjoy beach volleyball is a beach ball, a group of friends and the right beach clothing for the sport. Besides being great fun, the game helps to exercise many body parts including the arms, legs, shoulders, and abdominal muscles. Swimming Swimming is one of the most popular beach fitness activities. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), swimming for about half an hour can help you reduce the risk of developing high …

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