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Press Release: LoveSurf Offers Tips on Finding the Right Bathing Suit

LoveSurf, a leading internet retailer of casual beach and swim wear, offers tips on how to choose the perfect bathing suit to camouflage problem body areas as well as highlight physical assets.  Choosing the right suit depends on objectively assessing form and making wise choices based on this assessment.  LoveSurf not only offers a complete line of swimwear but also offers trendy casual wear such as girls maxi dresses and beach cover up dresses as well as a wide range of workout gear. April 8, 2013— LoveSurf is advising consumers on how to choose a bathing suit this summer to highlight physical assets and camouflage problem areas. As one of the top marketers of swimwear, LoveSurf features both one- and two-piece bathing suits to complement any figure.  However, without some basic knowledge of how to measure for and choose swimwear, few women are satisfied with their ultimate bathing suit choices.  LoveSurf shares information on how to choose the best swimsuit for a particular body type so that those who are shopping for suits can narrow their choices to the ones that will be the most flattering. There are several rules to choosing the right swimsuit but they all point to …

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Get Ready for Summer With Yoga

With beach season on the way, it is time to get your hot yoga body ready for action! It is time to trade your old leggings, tanks, shorts and sports bra and upgrade your wardrobe to unique and trendy yoga apparel and beach activewear. It is the time of year for outdoor fitness and we all want to look good whether we are splashing in the water or doing yoga on the beach.  Brands such as Roxy, Splendid and Koral Activewear are all popular choices for the best women’s yoga clothes. Whether you enjoy indoor or outdoor yoga, you can easily find all of your yoga needs from any of these brands. If you are looking for the perfect place to find the best styles from all these brands and more you definitely have to check out! This site is the perfect place to find all your womens activewear needs, as well as find out what clothes and styles are hot and trending. Fashion and function are key on this website.  So if you’re looking for something to look good in whether you are doing a downward facing dog or being a lazy beach bum, look no further. Get …

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Press Release: LoveSurf Offers “Love Button” for Fitness and Fashion

LoveSurf is now offering the “Love Button,” a fun and interactive way to vote for the best trends and styles online.  LoveSurf loves fashion and fitness and focuses on unique, trendy pieces that are perfect for beach, workout, or any casual activity.  With a full line of beach cover-up dresses and workout wear, LoveSurf offers the best in casual wear for discerning women.  The LoveSurf buyers take their mission seriously:  to find the latest beach and workout wear that fits customers’ lifestyles and budgets.  April 5, 2013— Fashion-forward website LoveSurf is offering a new interactive voting tool, the “Love Button.” Now, customers can vote on the best maxi dress, capri or coverup with LoveSurf’s interactive “Love Button.”  In keeping with the trend to move into social media, LoveSurf offers customers the chance to voice their opinions on their favorite pieces easily and on-screen so that others can see what is currently trending. Customers regard LoveSurf as a fashion-forward website for everything from a girl’s maxi dress to a beach cover up dress and the latest workout gear.  The buyers at LoveSurf are constantly sifting through thousands of styles, looking for that perfect swimwear, workout gear and casual beach cover up.  …

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The Right Clothes for the Right Activity

The types of workout clothing you choose will depend greatly on the activities in which you are engaged.  There are certain pieces that are very appropriate for some activities and some that are better for others.  In order to determine the best type of workout gear for the activities in which you engage, think first about how your body moves during your activity.  LoveSurf has workout clothing that can meet almost any type of workout need. If you are a runner, for example, you want running wear that moves with your body.  Running gear should be loose-fitting enough at the arms and legs to provide easy movement but not so loose that it causes your clothing to flap, possibly distracting you or causing you to trip.  Ideally, running gear will be clingy but stretchy, conforming to your body but allowing you freedom of movement. Surfers and swimmers have different fashion needs.  Although fitness fashion for swimmers and surfers should include water-resistant qualities, it is also important that surf wear and swim wear fit well.  Board shorts or pants can be the best choice for this activity as it provides a great deal of flexibility in fit for different movements.  Board …

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Let The Waves Hit Your Feet And The Sand Be Your Seat

Popular Women’s Activewear Brands

With spring in the air and summer just around the corner, it is that time of year again to start preparing for beach season and to get out your yoga apparel and workout clothes! The days are getting longer and warmer, which means more time for you to spend time outside in the sun or the sand. We all also know that means that is it also time to get in shape, but it is also important to look great as well! Leggings, tanks, shorts and a sports bra are all necessities for any womens activewear collection. This is the best time of year for outdoor fitness, as well as the best time to shop brands such as Roxy, Splendid and Koral Activewear. If you are looking for the best place to find all your favorite beach activewear or fitness apparel, there is one site you need to check out. is a website dedicated to the trending styles from all these brands and more. If you love looking hot while working out, playing on the beach, or just enjoying your summer this site is a must see. If you are looking for the best beach styles to wear, or …

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We Love Our Hashtags: #swimtogym

Sometimes hashtag naming can just be plain fun.  At other times, it can be a powerful tool to find the threads you want to read or the products you really want to buy.  This is the case with LoveSurf’s hashtag naming system.  Users tag items based on a variety of features, so you can find exactly what you are looking for quickly and easily, and you can see what’s trending on  Of course, you can always widen your search if you do not see enough results; however, today’s internet shoppers often need to save time or sift through thousands or even millions of results, and hashtag categories are a great way to do that. One neat LoveSurf hashtag category is the #swimtogym. Users mark these items when they see an item that is not just another pretty face but a hardworking member of the swimwear, surf, and SUP wear family.  This lets other shoppers know that these items have been vetted by others and found to be durable and comfortable as well as beautiful additions to your workout wardrobe.  Other items in the #swimtogym category may include unique workout garments that can be used in certain water sports such as …

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Workout Gear: What Speaks to You?

Working out is so much more than simply exercizing.  For most people who regularly participate in organized sports or activities, working out becomes a way of life and they need the clothing and accessories to accentuate that lifestyle.  Perhaps the clearest example of this is the “surfer culture” that is famous around the world and symbolizes laid-back, easy-going thoughts and vigorous physical activity.  Other types of sports carry their own image and their participants identify strongly with those images. No matter what type of sport you enjoy, LoveSurf has gear to outfit you.  With a great line of Pilates clothing, hiking clothes, swimwear and cover-ups, LoveSurf makes it easy for you to find the right clothing that speaks to your individual style and interests. Yoga practitioners, for example, often have relaxed and inward-turning attitudes inspired by their meditation and activities.  Yoga speaks to both the mind and the body, and those who become involved in the practice of yoga find that these activities color their attitudes about everything else, including clothing.  Yoga buffs tend to choose simple, long-lasting pieces in durable materials that provide stretch and comfort during yoga routines. On the other hand, someone involved in an active sport …

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