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One thing that almost every beach activity has in common is great food!  Food and beaches go hand-in-hand; hardly any of us venture out to the shore without something to snack on, and barbecues or picnics are the order of the day whenever friends gather at the beach.

However, this leads to several pitfalls to be avoided.  Most beach snack food is not exactly low-cal or healthy, and the vendors along the shore do not help with their hot dogs, pizza and cotton candy.  Depending on where you visit the beach, you may be surrounded by fattening temptation.  However, you want to look great in your new LoveSurf swimsuit, so what’s a beachgoer to do?  Here are some tips to help you eat healthy at the beach and stay in shape so that you can enjoy your new LoveSurf swimwear!

1)     Bring healthy snacks.  You know the old dieting rule that says, “You won’t eat it if you don’t have it”?  Well, the same thing can be said for healthy snacks—you will not eat them if they are not available.  Instead, you will get hungry and turn to fattening treats to try to fill up!  The best way to ensure that your snacks stay healthy is to pack them in your cooler or beach bag so that they are right on hand.  For crunchy, delicious snacks that will satisfy you and keep you full, try packing the following:  carrot sticks, celery sticks, low-fat pretzels and apple slices.  Pair these with a protein-rich spread such as peanut butter or cream cheese or take the low-cal route with creamy yogurt or string cheese.  Be sure to pack any dairy products in a cooler with sufficient ice to keep them cold.

2)    At the barbecue, limit your high-fat choices.  Beach parties often revolve around high-fat foods such as barbecue or hot dogs.  It’s fine to eat some of these delicious treats, but instead of chowing down, limit your portions and fill up on salad, vegetables, fruits or other low-cal, low-fat offerings.  If there is nothing but chips on the table, do not be afraid to break out your carrot sticks from your “snack pack.”  Do the same with desserts; eat about half of what you think a normal serving would be.  Remember, the first bite is the same as the last, so cutting down quantity does not have to limit your enjoyment.

Enjoy your summer barbecues and have fun looking great in your new LoveSurf gear!



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