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In keeping with our “beach life” theme, our next few blog posts will explore some of the greatest things about beach life and help you think about what to wear to every beach occasion.  Whether you are a surfer, a swimmer or simply a lounger, LoveSurf has the perfect beachwear to ensure that you look and feel your best!

Parties are a fact of beach life.  Some people point out, rightly enough, that every day at the beach can be considered a party, but there are also times when you want something special to wear for a get-together such as a barbecue or a poolside event.  LoveSurf offers a variety of beach wear that can be suitable as cover-ups for a bathing suit or outfits in their own right, such as our Modal tank top.  The cotton Modal tank top is the perfect casual cover for your swimwear that will give you protection from sand and sun without being too heavy.

On the other hand, for a beach party that spills over to a cocktail hour on the deck or a more “formal” occasion, you may want something with some more substance to slip over your swimsuit.  How about a French terry romper or robe that will cradle you in beautiful softness?  Some of our romper ensembles can even double as everyday wear for other sports or outings such as picnics.

If you are looking for casual elegance in the spirit of the great bathing beauties, think of the cowl neck pullover or maxi dress. This is classic beauty and elegance that can take you into any situation, party or gathering with studied sophistication.  Even if you wear a bathing suit underneath a beautiful pullover or maxi dress, no one will really know!  Keep this item in your bag and you’ll be ready for anything from a cocktail party to an impromptu dinner invitation.

Think about how great beach life can be when you are the life of the party!  LoveSurf will help you become the bathing beauty you have always dreamed of with great beach party wear.  For your next vacation or for your next beach-side gathering, browse our incredible array of casual wear, pullovers, maxi dresses, robes, scarves, wraps and cover-ups.  We will do the rest by providing you with beautiful coverage in vibrant colors, strong materials that will last, and the latest fashions.



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