LoveSurf Artist Feature: Megan Blanco

SoCal native Megan Blanco grew up loving art, but it wasn’t until her teenage years when she learned how to use oil paints fell in love with the process. Megan took art classes throughout high school and college, and now that she is no longer a student, she makes time to pursue her love of painting. When the 24 year old isn’t making art, she enjoys yoga, fashion, eating Mexican food and reading. All Photos Courtesy of Megan Blanco When did you start making art and pursue painting? I had always loved drawing as a kid, but I learned how to use oil paints when I was a teenager and fell in love with the process. I took art classes throughout high school and college, and now that I’m out of school I make time to pursue it. What inspires you? Where do you find inspiration? Most of my inspiration comes from the natural world – plants, the ocean, the human figure. We live on such a beautiful planet! So a lot of my work comes from an appreciation of nature. It’s also about celebrating those little everyday joys in life – a bunch of flowers that brighten your day, a cup of coffee …

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Photo Diary: Adventures with Anathena

As far as we can tell, Hawai’i surfer girl and LoveSurf Ambassador Anathena Tuppein‘s life is an adventure everyday. Whether she is exploring new horizons in the ocean or hiking Hawaii’s beautiful landscape, Anathena is always looking for new ways to spike her adrenaline. Anathena truly lives the LoveSurf lifestyle. Check out some of her latest adventures! Rocky Point, North Shore Oahu | I feel a glow of happiness after surfing the strong waves of the North shore, I feel ready to take on the world. I call the islands of Big Island, Maui and O’ahu my home.  Today I am living on the surf capital of the world, O’ahu.  I was a water baby since I first learned how to walk, any adventure, any dangerous adrenaline pumping journey that was presented I jumped at the first chance.  I played almost every sport growing up; soccer, rugby, volleyball, track, skating, swimming and diving, but it wasn’t until I was 15 that I caught my first wave, I found my purpose that day.  I found my true passion and it sparked a flame in me, a flame so strong that I lay in bed late at night thinking about that perfect wave.  From then on …

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LoveSurf Artist Feature: Alyx House

All Photos Courtesy of Alyx House Hometown: I am from Orange County, Ca but I now live in Chatham, Massachusetts with my husband Stephen and our Boston Terrier pup Bruce! Interests: Hmm let’s see… pretty much any thing creative. I love drawing, painting, sewing, dye-ing stuff, and making jewelry! I also love to travel and see new places. My favorite thing since moving to the East Coast, has been to explore all the historic & adorable towns over here. Age: 23 When did you start graphic design and pursue a career in art? My mom is an artist so I knew I always knew that I wanted to pursue a career in art. But I think it was in high school when I decided I loved graphic design. I then studied art/design in college, where I learned how awesome design really is!   What inspires you? Where do you find inspiration? I find inspiration all over the place. I find inspiration in a lot of “craft” work. For example, I love ceramics and woodworking because the artist is so evident in the form. This inspires me in my own design work and encourages me to work outside of the computer whenever I can. But of course …

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