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A tunic is, by definition, a long, straight garment that covers the torso.  However, beyond this basic definition, the tunic can take you anywhere your imagination can travel.  The tunic is one of the most versatile of garments and actually hearkens back for millennia—a form of the tunic has been worn throughout history due to its simple construction, good coverage and insulation, and ease of care.  The tunic was actually a men’s garment for many centuries, worn by huntsmen, herdsmen and those who needed freedom of movement in their work.

Today’s tunic cover-ups do not have much in common with Robin Hood, however.  Tunics have become largely a woman’s dress item, for one thing, and for another the detailing and beauty of this style is far above the average tunic of yesterday.  Women now have almost unlimited options when working off the basic tunic style:  long, short, large or small sleeves or sleeveless, and details such as feathers, beads, and fantastic prints.

The LoveSurf #tunic hashtag category contains an eye-popping array of lovely styles, colors and trimmings that will suit any taste.  Here are a few of our favorites:

·       Teal Lucca tunic—this simple and beautiful style is sweet as sugar and represents the very best in feminine tunic wear.  The openwork crochet construction, deeply plunging neckline and lovely detailing is stunning and makes this piece a great addition to your beach or pool wardrobe.

·       Vix Angola vintage tunic multi.  This may be the piece you envision when you think of “classic tunic styling.”  A vibrant print and warm, cozy material make this a piece you will return to again and again as an ideal beach coverup.

·       White swim tunic by Hurley.  This cute swing-style slipover can be classified as a “minidress” or a “tunic” depending on your point of view.  The double-string straps and clean, simply lines make this a youthful favorite for covering up after swim or surfing.

·       Jezebel Paradise plunge tunic.  This lovely plunging-neckline tunic is tailored to hug your curves up top and features short, flowing sleeves for a “dressy” look that makes it appropriate for moving from poolside to party effortlessly.

·       Black Diamond Crochet Paradise plunge hooded tunic.  This longer version features a hood and great styling for the ultimate protection from wind and elements.

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