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You work out because you care about your body and your health.  You want to feel good and look good.  So why would you wear old, unfashionable clothing when you are engaged in this important activity?  Even at the gym, you can look your best at all times.

Most people answer this question with “Because it is comfortable.”  Throwing on an old tee and that favorite pair of stretch pants feels good, and working out produces a lot of sweat, so many people feel they do not want to “mess up” their good clothes while working out.  This type of thinking may be backwards, however.

What if you could have great workout clothing that keeps moisture at bay and combats odor, but still makes you look your best while you work out?  LoveSurf has a variety of workout clothing products that can do just that.

You might want a pair of hot yoga pants that hug your curves gently and never interfere with your yoga positions.  Comfortable, stretch clothing is ideal for yoga, Pilates and all stretching exercises that require flexibility and durability.

Your tops can also work with you instead of against you in your workout.  With wicking technology, moisture is whisked away from the skin so that it does not have a chance to cause bacterial buildup, odor or other problems.  With  moisture-wicking materials you can find workout gear that does not leave you feeling wet and sticky after a rigorous exercise session.

Moisture-wicking does not just protect you from excess moisture; it also provides a level of protection from odor.  By stopping moisture before it starts, odor-causing bacteria cannot grow and produce offensive smells.  Finding odor resistant material is easy with LoveSurf’s wide selection of workout gear.

You might think that finding workout gear that can do all this would be dull or dowdy, but LoveSurf offers moisture-barrier fabrics in the latest styles and are practical but fashionable.  Choose from a variety of colors and patterns to create your ultimate workout wardrobe.

It is time to stop wearing your old toss-away clothes to the gym or on your runs.  It is time to invest in some “grown up” workout clothes that show off the body you have worked so hard to achieve and provide you with protection from sweat, moisture and odor.  Visit to see all of our latest workout fashions.



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