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Summer is the time to wiggle your toes in the sand, and what better footwear could you choose than a great sandal or flip flop?  These easygoing shoes have become iconic symbols of beach life, providing protection for the foot with maximum freedom to play.  Many people have incorporated the flip flop and sandal into everyday fashion as well, making this ubiquitous footgear something seen everywhere from the beach to the dance floor. LoveSurf has a great collection of flip flop and sandal styles in everything from ultra-casual to “bling” to give you the perfect footwear for every social occasion.

Flip flops and sandals are obviously casual but that does not mean that they cannot be paired with great clothing and include embellishments that make them seem more sophisticated.  Far from the “rubber shower shoes” of the past, flip flops and sandals have now become fashion statements in their own right.  The fact that you can stuff your favorite pair in your beach bag and head for the surf is just icing on the cake!

Pair a great pair of flip flops or sandals with a pair of cutoffs and a tunic top for an effortless casual look.  If you want to dress things up, pair shoes decorated with gemstones, feathers or made of tooled leather uppers with a short dress or Capri pants and throw on a lovely blouse.  Even though the shoes are similar in construction, you will find that the way you mix and match styles with clothing can take them from “grunge” to “glamour” easily.beach fashion sandals gold

Another great way to use flip flops and sandals is as a pairing with after workout clothes.  While closed-toed shoes are always recommended for the gym and running, and while many yoga practitioners prefer to work barefoot, you always need something to put on after sessions.  Invest in a cute post-workout outfit such as shorts and a tank or even a cute romper ensemble, and pair it with a great pair of sandals or flip flops for a polished look.  You can stop running errands in your workout gear and make an impression wherever you go!

Finally, flip flops and sandals can dress up a casual maxidress or jersey dress coverup to make it perfect for a big party or Summer cookout.  At LoveSurf, your choices are almost endless when it comes to mix and match options for flip flop and sandal couture!



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