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Do you love animals?  Maybe that love is reflected in your choice of LoveSurf fabrics—we have some great animal prints to show off your wild side!  However, your love of animals can become a big problem if you do not understand the limitations you may face when you try to take a pet to the beach or feed beach wildlife.

Remember that any animals you see on the beach are probably in their natural environment—nesting, mating, eating and so forth.  Almost anything you do, from feeding them to looking for their nests, is sure to interrupt nature’s delicate balance.  A good rule of thumb:  give wild animals plenty of room, for their sake and yours.  It’s fine to look, enjoy and even photograph, but do not feed them or interact with them in any way if possible.beach life animals seagulls lovesurf

As for domesticated animals, it is very important to understand the rules of the beaches you visit.  If you go to a beach where dogs are permitted, for example, there may be restrictions on the size of the animal allowed.  You may also find that there are strictly enforced codes about leashing and waste pickup.  The majority of beaches that allow dogs at all provide for strict leashing and waste removal violation penalties.beach life animals dogs lovesurf

It is in your best interest, as well as that of your pet, to follow these rules.  The exist for your pet’s safety as well as the safety of others around you.  If you want to swim with your dog, look up a beach that allows this; do not simply take the dog out in the water where you usually go.

When you take a pet to the beach, remember to provide for its needs too.  Your pet needs shade, water and food, especially if you will be at the beach for some time.  Dogs can get sunburn as easily as people, so a lightweight shirt or cover may not be a bad idea unless it would make the dog too warm.

Another important consideration when you are thinking of taking your dog or other pet to the beach is where the animal will stay when you are not available.  Do not assume that a beach party will be glad to have your pet as a guest, even if he is cute!  Good manners dictate that you ask before brining a dog or other animal to another person’s gathering.  If your dog is not welcome, think about a good kennel that might take the dog on a day-by-day basis during your vacation.



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