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A great beach bag is as much a part of your waterside ensemble as your swim suit or cover-up, yet too many beachgoers attempt to make the trip to the pool or beach with some old bag that really does not serve their purposes.  LoveSurf will give you great options for all types and sizes of beach bags with this lineup and enable you to choose the right material, construction and trimmings to suit your needs and your tastes.  LoveSurf’s #beachbag hashtag allows you to tweet or follow various designers, styles or even individual bags so you can share your shopping information with your friends.

Here are some of LoveSurf’s great bags—one of these could be your perfect beach tote!

·       Classic stripe shoulder tote bag—it does not get any simpler or more beautiful than this roomy white canvas bag with subdued, sophisticated detailing.  A beautiful addition to your summer wardrobe, you will find yourself returning to this bag again and again.

·       Crabby beach tote.  Show your humorous side with this roomy, lined straw tote with appliquéd crab on the side.  With a cute print lining and the amazing crab detail, this is a bag that will appeal to your whimsical side and have everyone admiring your sense of humor.

·       Roxy drawstring beach bag.  One way to keep your valuables secure is to invest in a drawstring bag.  The tough cord drawstring on this Roxy bag keeps everything in place, even if the bag is kicked over or dropped—no more fishing your sunglasses out of the sand!  Further, the lovely sand and white tones make this a bag that will blend with almost any outfit.

·       Vintage stud tote.  Made of hand-distressed leather, this tote is a fashion statement for discerning customers.  Lovely detailing and a soft, supple feel make this a fantastic beach bag choice for the fashion-conscious.  This bag is so beautiful, you may find yourself using it away from the water, as well!

·       Sand free tote bag.  This unique material resists sand and soil so that you do not bring half the beach home with you!  This tote is the perfect size to hold all of your beach gear and keep it sand-free all day long.

These and dozens of other great beach totes are available at LoveSurf’s #beachbag page. Share your favorites today!



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