What could be more fun than beach parties?  These gatherings epitomize the best of summer life—cookouts, surfing, swimming, and just relaxing with friends and family.  Unfortunately, many people think that “beach” equals “Oh no! Bikini season already?!” But, you can look amazing no matter what with the perfect cover-up.

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Let’s start with swim cover-ups.  Most of us like to throw something over a bathing suit before heading down to the shore.  However, most of us do not have a lot of clothing that serves this purpose other than old shorts, tee shirts or maybe a hoodie.  However, there are plenty of fashion-friendly, sassy and edgy garments that can serve you well as a beach cover-up and let everyone know you have a sense of “sand fashion” as well.

Let’s start with a jersey dress.  Simple, comfortable, washable and wearable, jersey dresses represent the perfect cover-up that swings from the sand to the cocktail lounge effortlessly.  With flowing, graceful lines and a choice of sleeve styles, sleeveless, or kissed with embellishments, you can find a great jersey dress that will serve you all summer as a multi-purpose cover-up and casual outfit for all your outdoor parties.

Another option is a fringe dress.  This garment features artistic hem or sleeve fringe and invokes this Spring’s boho vibe.  A fringe dress hearkens back to the early days of the 60’s and 70’s when ethnic wear became fashionable.  This retro look is sure to please in any casual atmosphere.  You can throw a fringe dress on as a suitable bathing suit cover or pair it with shorts, jeans or pants for a laid-back look.  You can even wear it as a standalone piece with some fab jewelry for a definitive, eclectic feel.

Wraps are another great way to cover yourself at the beach and can be as simple as a large scarf artfully draped over your body or a sarong evocative of Island fashion.  The beauty and simplicity of scarves and sarongs makes them ideal choices for a cover-up, a top over shorts or even a dress in their own right.

LoveSurf has tons of great fashions that will keep you covered at the beach and make a splash at your next oceanside gathering!



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