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While many of us work out in a gym or studio, many people still prefer the great outdoors for their fitness routines.  While outdoor fitness is dependent on weather and location, nature can still provide one of the most exciting and natural workouts available.  Many people enjoy the sights, sounds and scenery of the outdoors as much as they do the exercise itself.

LoveSurf offers a variety of outdoor fitness gear made by important designers and manufacturers such as Roxy Outdoor Fitness.  Depending on the type of outdoor activity you enjoy, you can find all sorts of fitness gear at LoveSurf.  Rowing, running, or rock climbing—LoveSurf is the place to find all of your fitness clothing and look great while you work out.

Outdoor fitness activities require different clothing than those that take place in the water or in a gym, although there may be some crossover between various types of workouts.  Primarily, outdoor activities require clothing that meets three requirements:  durability, sun protection, and flexibility.

Outdoor workout gear gets a much harder workout than clothing used to work out in a gym or studio.  Yoga, for example, requires clothing with a great deal of give and stretch but is rarely snarled or pulled because yoga takes place in a controlled studio environment.  On the other hand, someone who is working out by rock climbing can easily snag his or her clothing on rocks, trees and other objects, so outdoor rock climbers need more durable gear than yoga practitioners.

Outdoor workouts also require sun protection.  By definition, most people work out in the outdoors during periods of sun.  A good SPF sunscreen is a must to protect skin from harmful UV rays.  Clothing with built-in sunscreen may also be helpful, especially if the clothing protects a part of your body that you do not normally cover with spray-on or rub-on sunscreen.  Built-in sunscreen can be extremely valuable for protecting your back or shoulders, areas that are often missed when you apply regular sunscreen and are particularly vulnerable to sun damage when you are working out in the outdoors.

The type of gear you choose will depend on your level of activity and the amount of flexibility you need, as well.  For example, LoveSurf’s racerback tank top provides great flexibility of movement for runners can also serve for softball or volleyball.  However, those who rock climb or are exposed to possible rough terrain may opt for more coverage, as long as the garment provides arm flexibility.

Check out LoveSurf’s great selection of outdoor workout gear and look your best no matter what you do!



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