Now that you know a little more about your body measurements and how they affect your look from Parts 1, 2, and 3, it is time to pull everything together and choose the perfect suit.  In order to do that, you need to pay attention to color, shade and accessories and determine the best ones for your particular skin, hair, eyes and body shape.white bikini at beach lovesurf

The Eyes Have It

Make the most of your features, especially the eyes, by choosing a shade that either compliments or contrasts them.  Some easy choices are:

·       Blue eyes—Bright blue, cobalt, white, pastels

·       Green eyes—Emerald green, purple

·       Hazel eyes—Light green, earth tones

·       Brown eyes—White, neons, blue, red

You probably already know which colors bring out your eyes, so look for swimwear in those families of color for the best look.

Complexities of Complexion

Your skin tone will change over the summer if you are exposed to sunlight, so it is best to shop for bathing suits at two times of the year:  the beginning of the season when you are still light-skinned and the middle of the season when you have your summer tan.  You can skip the in-between by investing in a spray tan if you like; otherwise, try to choose suits that compliment your skin in both ranges.

There are various methods for determining your true skin tone.  One of the easiest is the “four seasons.”  This compares your skin tone to a season of the year and helps you choose colors that are naturally associated with that season.  For example:

·       Spring—If your skin has a yellow undertone (look at your palm) and is relatively light, you may look best in clear, light shades of blue and green, brown or blue, or clear reds—colors that reflect the flowers of spring.

·       Summer—If your skin has a blue undertone and is fairly light, you might be a summer.  Summers look well in pastel colors, cool darker tones and neons—colors that reflect the beautiful summer sky.

·       Autumn—If your skin has a yellow undertone and is rather olive or dark, you may be an autumn.  Autumn skins look well in fall leaf colors—khaki, brown, green and yellow.

·       Winter—If your skin has a blue undertone but a deep rich tint, you may be able to wear the winter colors—bright, bold blues, reds and greens.  These colors are reflective of the seasonal colors of the holidays.

No matter what your skin tone, eye or hair color or other shades, choosing the right bathing suit will bring out your beauty!



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