You have your measurements from Part 1, and chose your style in Part 2.  Ultimately, you will want to consider the length of your waist when making definitive choices within these groups.

Short-Waisted or Long-Waisted?

Look back at your final measurements from Part 1.  If your top measurement from armpit to waist was shorter than the measurement from your waist to the bottom of your butt, you are short-waisted.  If the second measurement was shorter, you are long-waisted.

Short-waisted women generally need help to make their bodies look more elongated.  Avoid solid-color bikinis or tanks with little seam action; the smooth look can make you appear shorter and dumpy.  Instead, opt for something that draws the eye upward and downward, such as a bold print in a hip-covering and bust-flattering cut.  Monokinis can work if they are sewn asymmetrically across the front or feature a wrap, but avoid tank suits or monokinis that are too seamless and solid from bust to hip.tie dye bikini lovesurf

Long-waisted women can generally play this feature up with a good bathing suit, but if you want to minimize your long body line, choose a solid color or a very subdued print.   Solid monokinis, tanks and even bikinis can help minimize a long body line, especially when they are paired with high-cut legs.  The effect of high-cut thigh openings is to elongate the legs.  This may, in turn, take attention away from the torso, drawing the eye downward.

How Waist Length Relates to Body Type

Take two girls who are the same height and the same weight and put them side-by-side.  If they are both short, the one with the long waist will appear taller and slimmer.  If they are both tall, the one with the short waist will appear less gangly.

There is nothing you can do to make your waist-to-hip and waist-to-armpit ratio shorter or longer.  However, you can use the right type of bathing suit to help you fool others into thinking that you are slimmer, taller, shorter, or more compact.

Generally speaking, long-waisted girls can carry a larger variety of suit styles comfortably.  Those with short waists must be careful not to emphasize their height or their waist ratio.  This is usually accomplished through optical illusion:  pulling the eye away from the center of the body.

On the other hand, long-waisted girls must also be careful not to choose styles that make them appear gawky.

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