Once you have your measurements (see Part 1), you are ready to shop for the right style of bathing suit to flatter your body.  LoveSurf offers tons of options for fit and style, so you can always choose a suit that makes you look great!

Such Great Heights

Your height has a great deal to do with what type of bathing suit looks best on you.  As we mentioned before, most bathing suit models are tall and angular, but not every woman fits this body type.  Therefore, if you are short or curvy, you should think about what type of suit will look great on you—not necessarily what looks good on a model.

If you are short—say less than 5 feet 4 inches tall—it is important to buy a suit that draws the eye upward.  One way to make yourself look more leggy is to choose suits that are cut high in the thigh.  Short girls can get away with high-cut bottoms and V-necks that draw the eye upward. pink bikini lovesurf

On the other hand, if you are very tall—more than 5 feet 7 inches—it is also very important to minimize the impact of your height so that you do not appear gangly.  This can be accomplished with a bottom that has a flippy skirt or a boy short.  Tops should be wider through the straps and front—very stringy bikinis can have the wrong affect.  Tall frames also look well in an all-over pattern that focuses the attention on the center of the body.

I Like Big Butts …

The derriere is an area most women worry about, but you can make yours look great without the Buns of Steel video if you know how to shop for the right bathing suit.  One simple trick is to buy a patterned top or one with great detail and a plain, solid-color bottom.  This draws the eye away from the butt and focuses it upward.  Another trick is to choose a side-tie wrap that tricks the eye into looking for symmetry by minimizing the bottom of your figure.  Avoid very high-cut thongs and bottoms, although high leg openings can be slimming for your thighs.

Get It Off Your Chest

Of course, the bust is one area you simply cannot hide completely when wearing a bathing suit, nor should you.  Make the most of your assets if you have them; if not, you can fool people into thinking you are more “stacked” than you really are.

Tiny busts do well with bandeau tops and center twists which add volume.  Stringy halters also accent a small bust to good effect.purple bikini lovesurf

If you are well-endowed and want to minimize your bust, try a wide-strap halter top and avoid straight-cut, strapless models.  In fact, the more triangular the silhouette of your top, the more coverage you will appear to have.

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