LoveSurf offers tons of great bathing suits, but finding the right one for your figure can be a challenge.  The fact that almost all swimsuit models are tall and long-waisted does not necessarily give you the best idea of how a swimsuit will look on you if you happen to be short or have a different body shape.  The next few blog posts offer some tips on how to find the perfect fit for your body and make the right swimsuit choice to show your fashion flair at the beach or pool.purple bikini at the beach lovesurf

Bust Measurements for a Great Top

There are several important measurements you need to take in order to find the right size swimsuit for your body.  Experts suggest buying bikini tops and bottoms separately so you always have the best fit.

In order to find the perfect fit, measure your bust just under the breasts and around your back.  Write this number down.  Now measure around the fullest part of the breast.  If this number is one inch more than the first, you wear an A cup; if it is two inches larger, a B cup; if three inches larger, a C cup; if four inches larger, a D cup.yellow bikini at the beach lovesurf

Hip Measurements for a Great Bottom

The next important measurement is your hips.  Measure around the fullest part of the hips to find the right size for a bikini bottom.

Bust-Waist-Hip Measurements

While you have the tape measure out, measure your waist at the “natural” waistline—the area where your waist curves slightly in, often just above the navel.  Write down the bust-waist-hip measurements and compare the difference.

If there are ten or more inches in difference between your bust and waist or hips and waist you have a curvy or hourglass figure.  If there is less than ten inches difference, you have a more boyish or straight-waisted figure.  This can be important in determining which types of bathing suits look best on you.

Short- or Long-Waisted?

There is one more measurement you should know.  Measure from your armpit to your waist and from your waist to the bottom of your butt.  You may need help to do this.  Compare the two measurements.  If they are roughly equal, your body is relatively balanced between top and bottom.  If the top measurement is longer, you are long-waisted; if the bottom measurement is longer, you are short-waisted.  This will factor into which bathing suits look best on your body cutout one piece lovesurf

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