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We know that LoveSurf Girls are bold, strong, and live life to the fullest. We know they can handle any paddle out, any triathalon, any extreme hiking adventure, BUT can we survive the crowded, sweaty, (but amazing) music festival in the middle of the desert that millions of people wait for all year? The answer is OF COURSE! Who wants to miss 200 incredible artists rocking your socks off for three days straight?! But, how do LoveSurf girls do it? Well, here’s some tips:


We all know hydration is important while we’re working out or hanging out on the beach. Our bodies need it. But, when we’re consumed by good music and a good time, sometimes we forget how important it is. So, don’t forget to visit the hydration station.

Sunscreen and Shade

You’re in the middle of the desert. Enough said. Wear sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat.

Wear Light, Breezy Clothes

Once again, you’re in the middle of the desert. It’s hot. Try a sundress, romper, or cute maxi dress and some sandals.

Bring Pants and a Hoody

Despite the fact it is boiling in the middle of the day, the desert tends to take on a whole new persona at night. Be sure and take some warm pants and a hoody or fleece pullover to change into once the sun goes down.

Have the Best Time of Your Life!

For many girls, their first visit to Coachella can be a once in a lifetime experience. So, have fun and embrace every moment of it! Don’t forget to #LoveSurfGirl so we can see how LoveSurf Girls are surviving Coachella. Enjoy!

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