What is a “maxidress” and why is it the perfect beach coverup?  The term “maxidress” came about years ago when the “minidress” became popular.  This term indicates the opposite of a mini—a maxidress covers your entire leg to the ankle.

This long, flowing line is ancient in its beauty and has been in use for thousands of years because its timeless look compliments so many body types and is so feminine and fluid.  The maxidress is a classic that remains as current and modern as any fashion but would also look appropriate in any time period of history.

Maxidresses make ideal beachwear because they are loose and flowing, providing plenty of room for you to move but giving you maximum coverage and protection against sun, sand and surf.  These elegant garments are offered in a variety of colors and styles to suit any personality.

Choose a maxidress with an asymmetrical hem for a unique, sophisticated look or one with an A-line cut to compliment almost any body shape.  Maxidresses come in almost any color you can imagine, so pick a bright, bold pattern for your next beach coverup.  Lovely aquas, bright reds, soothing greens and happy yellows abound in our maxidress choices, as well as universal black, white and neutrals.  Geometric blocked patterns and cool, flowing lines with a variety of neckline and sleeve options mean that everyone can find a maxidress that speaks to her own personality.

The maxidress is the ultimate easy beach coverup.  Just pull it on over your beachwear for an instant dash of style and sophistication.  Casual and cool, the soft materials of these beach cover-ups caress your skin with comfort and give you the beautiful, feminine look you want without bulky material, clumsy buttons or zippers and high-maintenance accessories.  You simply get the timeless, graceful look you want for all your beach outings.



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