3 Daily Mindfulness Practices

Begin to incorporate the practice of mindfulness into your daily life using these three simple daily practices:

Become an observer
Reconnect with nature
Disconnect to reconnect

Studies have shown that we check our cell phones
on average 150 times a day. From the moment we
wake up we’re captivated by whatever text, FB
post, e-mail or news event is going on in that
moment. For some of us, checking our phones is
the very last thing we do before we go to sleep at
night and the very first thing we do when we
awaken. Some of us even use our phones as our
alarm clock!
Are you stressed, having trouble sleeping,
constantly on the go and worrying about the next
thing? Set aside one hour each day to turn your
phone completely off. It might be tough the first
few times your try this but give it a week. You’ll
begin to notice that you feel calmer, less stressed,
less consumed, less anxious.
This is a start toward reconnecting with the world
and people around you. Disconnect to reconnect.
Disconnect to Reconnect
Change one of your habits and make time to sit outside and allow the sun to warm your skin.
Instead of sitting in a cafe for lunch, make yourself a lunch and take a short walk to a park or the beach and
eat your lunch there.
Go down to the beach after work and walk barefoot in the sand, maybe even get your toes wet in the cool
water. Go outside and sit with your eyes closed and just take in the sounds and smells of your environment.
Take in the beauty of nature all around you daily. This practice will take you out of your internal dialog and
give you a chance to reconnect to the beauty of your environment and all of your surroundings. It’ll subtly
remind you that your life is much bigger than your office, your kids, the house or your responsibilities.
Reconnect With Nature
Commit to connecting with nature
each day for a minimum of ten
Sometimes, we feel the need to add to a conversation, gossip unnecessarily, or talk just to fill the silence even
if we really don’t have much to say. Maybe we’re uncomfortable in the silence or maybe we’re just so
accustomed to being so stressed and busy that we have forgotten how to simply be.
Practice becoming an observer. Without judgment of any kind, begin to tap in to your five senses. Choose
one of your five senses for an hour each day or maybe even for the entire day. Let’s say today for a few hours
I’ll chose my sense of hearing. Do I hear the birds singing, the rustling of the wind blowing the leaves around,
the dog barking or the lawnmower in the neighborhood somewhere?
Just notice. Begin this simple practice of reawakening your senses.
What am I seeing? What do I smell? What am I tasting, touching. Just begin to practice simply noticing.
Practice Becoming
An Observer
Create a practice of noticing.
Tap in to one of your five senses
each day and just observe.
If you practice these three simple steps every day, in just over the course of a week or two, you will begin to
notice an awareness of everything and everyone around you, some of which you may not even have noticed
before. It may be a profound or ever so subtle shift in your awareness.
Stay with it. The key is to begin to notice what you may not have noticed before; to start to reawaken to
the beauty of the internal and external world around you. Continue this practice over time until it becomes a
This is the beginning of reawakening your purpose in life and reconnecting with your Self.
Give these three practices a shot. If you’re
feeling disconnected from people and nature
or that you are stressed all of the time and
moving at warp speed or if you just want to
make a conscious shift in your day, see if you
can employ these little mindful practices on a
daily basis.
Wellness Director and Satsang House
Founder Maggie Kelly is a
premiere mindfulness
teacher, spiritual guide and mentor.
Maggie left a lucrative position in one of the nations largest media companies after spending years
feeling unfulfilled and questioning what she really wanted for her life. She started her family in the
late 90s and while the children were young, studied under Deepak Chopra for over a decade.
She received her meditation instructor certification in 2016 and soon after, opened Satsang House, San
Diego’s most beautiful meditation and spiritual center.
read more —
About Maggie Kelly
Maggie’s life-altering workshops begin with a customized Blueprint of powerful actions clients can take to
cause breakthroughs in areas where they are stopped and begin restore a sense of peace. Together with
Maggie, clients are able to uncover and illuminate the roadblocks standing in their way while at the same
time rediscover their gifts and talents within.
Whether you stop in to Satsang House for community
or guided meditation, silent retreat or private
session, Maggie starts by meeting her clients where
they are.
The foundational essence of all of her teachings is the
instruction of mindfulness and meditation. If you are
local to San Diego, make Satsang House your
community gathering place for meditation, friendship
and connection.
Maggie is committed to her clients being able to quiet their internal dialog so they are better able to
connect with their intuitive selves. She has helped hundreds identify the limiting beliefs and roadblocks
standing the way of the life they envision. Join us for community meditation or Mindful Mondays!
Maggie’s programs use the ancient practice of meditation not only for its stress-neutralizing effect but
also as a means toward gaining insight into who we really are and what our purpose is beyond our
physical selves and rational mind.
For more tips and information about beginners meditation courses, retreats,
online or in person spiritual and lifestyle programs, CLICK HERE to contact us.

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