Fit Tip: Are you addicted to Indoor Workouts? Try these Outdoor Alternatives Instead…


Do you have an indoor gym addiction? Choose an outdoor alternative instead! And grab a friend or take your dog, because having a buddy to work out with makes you 30% more likely to stick to your routine. It also saves you money. Here are 5 great outdoor workouts to try:

1. Indoor Addiction: Treadmill

   Outdoor Alternative: Intervals

Warm up by walking at a moderate pace for about five minutes. Then, to really get your blood flowing, add in intervals by alternating two minutes of vigorous walking with a one-minute recovery stroll. If you don’t have a heart rate monitor, use the “talk test” to determine how fast you should be going: At peak effort, you shouldn’t be able to carry on a conversation. Repeat the intervals as many times as you can.

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2. Indoor Addiction: Lap Swimming

   Outdoor Alternative: Open Water Swimming

Sick of getting stuck behind a slow stroker in a pool the size of a bathtub? Leave your lane assignment and that awful stench of chlorine behind and head for the nearest lake, ocean or river. You’ll still burn more than 400 calories an hour, but will also get the added benefit of extra space and peace and quiet. Miss the competition? Enter an open water swimming race or get your feet wet at your first triathlon.

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3. Indoor Addiction: Abdominal Machines

   Outdoor Alternative: Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Also called Stand Up Paddle Surfing, this emerging sport is a great way to get a workout on any substantial body of water—no waves required. Beginner boards tend to be longer, wider and flatter than traditional surf boards, making them easier to balance on. But the addition of the paddles is what makes this sport a killer ab workout. For more information check out the World Paddle Association website.

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4. Indoor Addiction: The StepMill

   Outdoor Alternative: Hiking

Pick a challenging ascent and hiking will give you the same quad- and butt-burning workout as the StepMill but with better views. Find a path that will help you get fit fast at

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5. Indoor Addiction: BOSU Balance Trainer

   Outdoor Alternative: Surfing

Using a BOSU—the half rubber dome, half stability platform training device—is a quick way to add core and balance work to exercises such as squats and pushups, but wouldn’t you rather be at the beach? Learn to hang ten and you’ll not only strengthen your stabilizer muscles, but you’ll also tone your shoulders and arms each time you paddle out to catch another wave. Pick up the pace and the quick bursts of cardiovascular work will zap fat like an interval routine. Don’t live near water? Consider vacationing at a surf camp like Pura Vida Adventures in Costa Rica.

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