How to Start the Day on a Happy Note

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Having a bad morning will can easily put you in a bad mood and tends to send equal bad vibes for pretty much the rest of the day. It is so important to start the day on a happy note and focus on ways that you can organize your morning to be more calm, unhurried, and set the state for a more positive day ahead. Getting a good night’s sleep, exercising and eating a healthy breakfast will make the early hours of the day have you feeling most productive and inspired. Check out 10 ways to have a happier morning and set the stage for a great day ahead. A side benefit? You just might discover that your energetic vibes rub off on everyone around you, too!

  1. Take a moment to pause. Try to take a few minutes to pause in the morning before consuming anything digital–whether you use this time to pray, meditate, or breath deeply, there’s no doubt that you’ll feel more centered for the rest of the day. 
  2. Get prepped the night before. Keep morning decisions to a minimum. Pack your lunch, plan your outfit and schedule your next day before you go to bed so that your mind is organized and knows what needs to be accomplished when you wake up.
  3. Fake it ’til you make it. If you want to embrace the full potential of the morning, you just might benefit from faking it. Set your alarm for earlier than you’d like, and put on a happy face–even if you aren’t a morning person. 
  4. Drink water, then coffee. It’s important to rehydrate after 7 or 8 hours of sleep. Drink a big glass of water because indulging in your favorite coffee drink.
  5. Exercise. The endorphin release during a morning jog is way more effective than caffeine. Laying out your workout clothes the night before and placing your sneakers next to your bed makes you more likely to actually tackle your morning workout. 
  6. Pump up the tunes. Mornings can be 50 times more fun when you turn on some good tunes while making breakfast or getting dressed!
  7. Don’t rush. This might mean getting up earlier, or maybe just trying to do less, but try to make one of your morning goals to leave some breathing room and actually enjoy the morning.
  8. Wear what feels good. Getting dressed in an outfit that makes you feel your best is one of the most effective ways to put an extra spring in your step. You will feel more confident and radiate from the inside out!
  9. Be lavish with affection. Make time and connect with the people you care most about. It will leave you with feelings of warmth and you probably just made someone else’s morning a lot happier in the process.
  10. Make it count. The morning is brimming with potential to be the most beautiful part of the day, so let’s not waste one more by going through the motions in a half-sleep state. Go to bed at a decent time tonight and get ready to seize the morning!



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