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Bio: My name is Chelsea Cruz and I am an energetic and passionate personal trainer, writer, speaker, dancer and sports model. Before I moved to Orange County and became such an ambitious fitness freak, I was living in San Diego, CA where I grew up with a love for the ocean, dance and the outdoors! If I wasn’t surfing, swimming, camping, hiking, or playing beach volleyball, you could find me at dance practice or working out at the gym. Of course I found these activities fun and enjoyable, but the best and most rewarding aspect of living such an active lifestyle was how these activities challenged me to become a stronger, more courageous, and more beautiful person from the inside out. In life we all face adversity. What I have found to be true in my own experience is that the hardest part of encountering adversity is not the struggle itself… The hardest part is facing the fears and weaknesses the struggle reveals in you and then applying to your life the truth and lessons it was meant to teach you. Surfing, swimming, kayaking, and SUP boarding in the open ocean have been a great example to me of the great freedom and pleasure we can enjoy when we conquer our fears and commit to living life to its fullest. Grueling dance practices and sweaty workouts have shown me the confidence and strength we can gain by never giving up and never settling for less than extraordinary in our lives. I now have the ultimate pleasure spreading my love for the ocean and passion for fitness as a LoveSurf Girl in Dana Point where I live with my husband.


Q: What Makes You a LoveSurf Girl?

A: I identify with the LoveSurf brand because I live the LoveSurf lifestyle. I am an active, athletic, beach girl and fitness professional who aims to motivate and inspire other women to live healthy, beautiful lives from the inside out. I love the outdoors and spend most of my free time soaking up the sun surfing, SUP boarding, kayaking, hiking, beach volleyball and dancing.




My experience:

-Health and Fitness Professional for Teach and motivate clients worldwide how to live healthy, active lives through blogs, articles, video and online coaching

-Certified Personal Trainer (ISSA): Train individual clients in the gym doing circuit training, and weight training for weight loss, toning, and strength, and at the beach or in parks doing bootcamps and sports training.

– International Sports Science Association National Spokesperson – Create and host educational and promotional videos for trainers and clients, represent the company at trade shows and events, model for feature ads in major international fitness magazines such as Shape, Oxygen, Flex, Muscle and Fitness Hers, and more.

-Sports and commercial model with Brand Model and Talent Agency


Q: Tell us your story. What is a typical week for you, do you follow a strict training routine? 

A: My typical week:

– Workout late morning usually hill sprints or beach run, followed by long dance/yoga stretch. 
– Then SUP boarding or surfing and “keep it up” with the volleyball. 

Tuesday – Saturday:
– Desk work: work on finishing my e-books, work with online clients and, write articles, respond to messages and emails, work on my website

– Mid day workout (One of the following):
•Circuit training at gym, park, or beach,
•Hill sprints near Dana Point Harbor, or
•Dance practice, depending on the season

-Train clients at the gym, outdoors, or I teach fitness classes

Sunday – Day off:
– Church, then brunch with family or friends
– Run errands
– Relax, read, cook, hangout!




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