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Sneak Peek: O’Neill 365 Amity Pullover

Available next week when the new site launches! We love everything O’Neill 365, but we’re really loving this pullover for chilly evenings at the beach and for morning jogs. It is a polyester spandex…

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LoveSurf Girl: Christina Tami

Bio: About two months after birth, I had my feet in the sand by the ocean.  The beach has been a part of my life since that very moment, and always has been.  Growing up on the coast…

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Summer Trend: Flowers

One of the hottest motifs at this year’s fashion show is the ubiquitous flower.  Incorporated into fashion as a fabric motif, accessory theme or even in hair pieces, every woman on the catwalk seems to…

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Beach Party Necessity: Fleece

Depending on where you live, you may find that beach parties can turn chilly, especially at night.  A gentle breeze coming in from the ocean may feel great when the sun is overhead, but it…

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We Love Our Hashtags: #onepiece

The one-piece…you know you love them—those sturdy staples of the pool and beach.  At LoveSurf, we know that a lot of attention is paid to bikinis, and naturally we love our two-piece selection.  However, many…

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x LOVESURF Vintage Surf was originally published on LOVESURF BLOG

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Summer Trend: Black & White

The fashion houses unleashed a flood of bold, eye-catching black and white checks, stripes and combinations this spring, and what happens on the catwalk is sure to find its way poolside quickly.  You do not…

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Beach Party Fashion: Accesories

You may have heard the saying “the devil is in the details” and this is particularly true when you are considering accessories for your beach outfits.  After all, most bathing suits, no matter how well-crafted…

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