Kate Hensel

kateSouthern Californian native Kate Hensel is no stranger to adventure. Whether she’s skydiving in San Diego, bungee jumping off bridges, snowboarding in the winter or surfing in the summer she is always in for something that pushes her to the limit. After Kate started working for LoveSurf we realized that there’s a calmer side to her and that’s the artist side which we have tapped into for some pretty rad shirts. A couple examples of her current favorites would be the:

Warrior Tank Where did you get the inspiration behind this tee and what does it mean? “LoveSurf has activewear a part of its assortment so I wanted to design a graphic that represented fitness and since I’m a yogi I started there. To me when I’m doing yoga there is something very special about the warrior pose because I feel like I can conquer almost anything while doing it. I drew a silhouette of a woman in this pose and decided to fill her in with a rainbow of colors that represent the different shades or moods we all experience and it ultimately serves as a reminder that we have control over everything, every mood and not the other way around.”

Sea the Balance Tee Where did you get the inspiration behind this tee and what does it mean? “The inspiration developed from the core values that LoveSurf holds; Love, Fitness, Happiness. It’s about balancing all of these things while also realizing that there is always the good in the bad and bad in the good. Naturally the yin-yang symbol represent this philosophy so once I settled on the symbol I had to make it my own. There’s something very special about the ocean at night and somehow I wanted to capture that feeling of peacefulness yet the unsettling feeling of something that lurks below. Those two emotions really make you feel alive so I incorporated them into my yin-yang symbol.”


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