Join the Love Surf Artist Network

Love Surf Artist Network

Love Surf’s plan is to broaden the view of fashion in the surf and activewear markets by integrating the personalities of our emerging artists with surf culture. Our unique ability to consistently evolve with the collective consciousness of the consumer enables us to venture beyond the boundaries of traditional surf and active apparel.

 Love Surf designs unify a curated mix of expression from the surf, fitness and yoga cultures. We are about connecting, engaging, and celebrating our creative collaborators; elevating the lifestyle they represent.

Love Surf Artist Network

The Collaboration Process

1. We check out your designs (sketches, paintings, graphic art, photography, etc.) and determine if your art style fits our aesthetic.
2. Shortly after, we follow up with a design meeting. We present an artist contract and we work together to integrate your art into the upcoming collection. Whether we choose an existing piece of art or agree on a new piece, the artist is included in all aspects of the design process.
3. Upon completion, every artist will be promoted throughout various Love Surf channels. We strive to bring well deserved recognition to every member of the Artist Network.

We invite you to apply and share a photo of your original art that best represents you as an artist. 

Please send images or links to your artwork portfolio or Instagram profile to: [email protected]