Luv Surf Apparel - The Real Story

Luv Surf Apparel Beachwear

Recently we learned that one of our former employees, Chris Kramer, is trying to launch a rip-off brand called Luv Surf Apparel in Mission Beach, CA that impersonates the true and original LoveSurf™. How un-inventive could a person be to copy a brand with a slightly different spelling of the word "Love" and then shamelessly rip off and impersonate their entire image?  This does nothing for the greater good or the fashion industry and is causing major confusion in the marketplace for our customers and vendors. Please avoid these imitations and support the true and original LoveSurf brand.

Brian met Chris through a mutual friend and heard that Chris was recently laid off from his job at Peter Grimm Hat Company. Out of the goodness of his heart, Brian created a Marketing position for Chris to help him out. Brian agreed to pay Chris $100/day to work from home and do some marketing research for the project. This was a very generous offer to Chris considering his situation and background experience at that time. Chris was employed for a month and 3 checks were written to him on the following dates:

12/12/11   $300

12/19/11   $500

12/26/11   $800

Chris Kramer Checks

Here is an actual email that Chris sent to Brian on December 22, 2011 (during his employment) when the original logo was being refined. Brian asked Chris to slice off the bottom of the logo and Chris sent back the image showing varying degrees of the slice:

Chris Kramer Luv Surf

January 2012 - Chris quit and moved to San Diego. He said that he got a position working for "some lady" on a "real estate project". Later we found out that this lady was Gina Champion Cain, the owner of some commercial real estate properties in Mission Beach, CA.

2012 - 2013 - At first they went by the name "Luv San Diego Surf" which was less of a rip-off, but in late 2013 they dropped the San Diego portion to become Luv Surf Apparel. Since then, Chris has continued to try to emulate everything we do by ripping off our identity, the essence of our lifestyle, hashtags campaigns (e.g. #lovesurflife and #lovesurfgirl), social media post graphics and themes, t-shirt graphics, photo shoot ideas, and so on...

January 2014 - Luv Surf Apparel bought 45,000 Facebook Likes between their 3 Facebook pages.  In January, they had 350 likes on their Luv Surf Apparel page and now they have over 17,000!  Again, Chris Kramer cheats to try to get ahead. In the end the fake likes are not a good move and there are many articles on why buying fake likes is always a bad idea.

February 2014 - Rip-off of our LoveSurf San Clemente Raglan graphic:

March 2014 - Luv Surf Apparel announces their new Spring line with a similar photo shoot idea from our 2013 campaign:

April 2014 - Luv Surf Apparel steals our idea to have 2 adventurous girls go surfing in a baby yellow surf mobile video. Genius idea Chris but we thought of this over a year ago:


May 2014 - Luv Surf Apparel starts copying our #lovesurflife hashtag campaign with their own #luvsurflife hashtag.

June 2014 - Luv Surf Apparel starts copying our Horizons graphics and starts referencing a girl’s feelings and current story of a LOVESURF girl exploring new horizons.

January 2015 - Another style and phrase rip-off.  This time they decided to copy our "Salty Air and Sun Kissed Hair" tank top with a version of their own. Sad to say that they were actually able to sell their version to before we were and they probably have no idea that they are selling a copy of the original brand.


More examples will be added soon... (unfortunately)



Overall, Luv Surf Apparel is a brand with endless BAD KARMA. They should get a new brand name and invent something instead of copying everything we do.  Here at LOVESURF, we will continue to promote the positive lifestyle we invented and will always strive to develop authentic innovations in fashion and function. Please don't support this rip-off brand and buy only authentic LOVESURF merchandise. 



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