Luv Surf Apparel Rip-Off Report

Recently we learned that one of our former employees, Chris Kramer, is creating a rip-off brand called Luv Surf Apparel located at Mission Beach, San Diego that is a direct knock-off of our name, logo, styles and themes. In January 2012, Chris left employment at our company and started a brand called "Luv San Diego Surf" and their logo was different. While we thought it was unethical, their name was different enough that it didn't cause much confusion with our customers. Luv San Diego Surf
In 2013, they had trucker hats with the letter "I" and a new logo forming the phrase "I Love Surf".  Luv Surf Trucker Hat
In late 2013 they started to show signs that they were dropping the "San Diego" portion to become "Luv Surf".  In January 2014, they exhibited at Surf Expo Tradeshow with the old logo and then in September 2014 they exhibited at Surf Expo with the new logo. LuvSurfApparel Logo


Here is a picture of our original 2011 "heart surf" logo and their 2013 version of a "heart surf" logo.
When placed side by side or on store shelves it's easy to see that their logo is a complete rip-off.
Luv Surf - Wear the California Rip-Off
Please avoid these imitations and support the righteous brand founded on pure ideas and original inspiration.