LoveSurf Size Chart

Sizing Guidelines


LoveSurf size bust waist hip inseam
        regular standard tall
2/XXS 76cm 57cm 84cm 81cm 86cm 89cm
4/XS 81cm 62cm 89cm 81cm 86cm 89cm
6/S 86cm 67cm 94cm 81cm 86cm 89cm
8/M 91cm 72cm 99cm 81cm 86cm 89cm
10/L 96cm 77cm 104cm 81cm 86cm 89cm
12/XL 101cm 82cm 109cm 81cm 86cm 89cm
LoveSurf size bust waist hip inseam
        regular standard tall
2/XXS 30" 22.5" 33" 32" 34" 35"
4/XS 32" 24.5" 35" 32" 34" 35"
6/S 34" 26.5" 37" 32" 34" 35"
8/M 36" 28.5" 39" 32" 34" 35"
10/L 38" 30.5" 41" 32" 34" 35"
12/XL 40" 32.5" 43" 32" 34" 35"

conversion chart

LoveSurf Size australia/ UK european
2/XXS 6 30
4/XS 8 32
6/S 10 34
8/M 12 36
10/L 14 38
12/XL 16 40


Bust - Start by placing a measuring tape around the largest part of your bust. The tape should be flat but not too snug. .

Waist - Your natural waist lies between your bottom ribs and hip bones. To measure, breathe deeply, relax your stomach and lie the tape measure flat around your waist, allowing for a ¼ inch of slack.

Hip - To achieve the most accurate hip measurement, find the widest point of your hips and place the measuring tape around. The hip bone often isn't the widest point - it's one to two inches lower, where your butt is at its fullest.

Inseam - Friends are helpful for this one. Stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart in running shoes. Measure from the very top of your inner leg to the bottom of your inner ankle; repeat this process on your left leg and average out to achieve your most accurate inseam length. You may want to err on the longer-side - short pants aren't as cool as they sound.

fit guidelines

Ready to wear - The majority of LoveSurf garments are preshrunk to ensure a quality first-time fit. This helps guarantee that what you measure for is what you receive - and as a bonus, it helps prevent things like zippers buckling up and other assorted dryer-related mishaps.

Finding the right fit - is designed to have a matte finish. If there is an underlying sheen that reflects the light, this means the fit is too snug (to see the sheen we're talking about, stretch the fabric width-wise with your hands). LoveSurf clothing should fit like a comfy second skin but shouldn't be restrictive in movement.

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