Love Surf Trademarks

Love Surf USA is the owner of multiple registered United States trademarks and has recently acquired an additional mark which will serve to protect our name in addition to our previously protected logo. With the recent acquisition of the additional trademark called Love Surf Love®, we are now also moving forward with the further development of the Love Surf™ brand and the enforcement of our company's registered trademarks displayed below. 

Any company or individual that promotes a clothing brand using the words 'Love' and 'Surf' (in any combination or variation) is unlawfully infringing on our company's registered trademarks and could be held liable for such infringement.

Love Surf's officers and employees of course do not have any ill-will against anyone that works for an infringing company but we ask that anyone who is directly or indirectly promoting infringing products to immediately cease and desist. Such promotion infringes on Love Surf's registered trademarks and is against the law.

Love Surf USA is currently in federal court proceedings to eliminate companies that are infringing on the above registered trademarks. If you are aware of an individual or company that is directly or indirectly promoting products that could be deemed similar, please email [email protected] with the details and we will investigate and follow up with you promptly.

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