Photo Diary: Adventures with Anathena

As far as we can tell, Hawai’i surfer girl and LoveSurf Ambassador Anathena Tuppein‘s life is an adventure everyday. Whether she is exploring new horizons in the ocean or hiking Hawaii’s beautiful landscape, Anathena is always looking for new ways to spike her adrenaline. Anathena truly lives the LoveSurf lifestyle. Check out some of her latest adventures!

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Rocky Point, North Shore Oahu | I feel a glow of happiness after surfing the strong waves of the North shore, I feel ready to take on the world.

I call the islands of Big Island, Maui and O’ahu my home.  Today I am living on the surf capital of the world, O’ahu.  I was a water baby since I first learned how to walk, any adventure, any dangerous adrenaline pumping journey that was presented I jumped at the first chance.  I played almost every sport growing up; soccer, rugby, volleyball, track, skating, swimming and diving, but it wasn’t until I was 15 that I caught my first wave, I found my purpose that day.  I found my true passion and it sparked a flame in me, a flame so strong that I lay in bed late at night thinking about that perfect wave.  From then on I would surf nearly everyday for 6-8 hours in one session, my body would ache but my passion for surfing masked the pain and I paddled harder and stronger for each wave.  I stayed up late at night watching surf videos, to better prepare myself for the next day of surfing.  I was always trying new tricks and harder more powerful craves.  Surf contests were the next step, at 17 I qualified and placed for contests all around the islands.  Surfing has given me confidence, a respect for the ocean, and reminds me to always be humble and grateful. In a lot of ways surfing saved my life, I found my calling, I found life. –Anathena 

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Waikiki Waters, O’ahu | In hawaiian waters deep in the middle of the ocean, I feel free. Constantly chasing the adventure.

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Makapu’u, Oahu, 800 feet Above | On a Sunday Morning on the side of cliff is usually where you’ll find me, hiking high above the clouds, deep in the mountains. Dancing on the top of the world.

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Wondering on the Top, O’ahu | If there isn’t a trail, make one. You’ll never know what you’ll find. My friends and I are adrenaline junkies, always prepared for the best day of our lives.

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West Side of O’ahu, Yoks, Mermaid Tidepools | Woke up to the most amazing view of my life, Yokahama. The sun was shining, water vibrant blue gently washing up on the white warm sand. Walking along the beautiful beach we found a magnificent glising blue tidepool that sparkled in the light. The feeling of appreciation washed over me for such a spectacular life.

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Pyramids, Kailua | Surfing is my home, my paradise, my escape from the world. Letting the waves wash over me I fall deeper in love and I know I have found my spiritual intoxication.

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Kohanaiki, Big Island | The sweet smell of waves linger in the air. I feel the rush of what’s to come and the powerful waves that will take me to a higher level of life.

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Ho’okipa, Maui | When the waves are flat, I search deep in the ocean. Swimming with the fish and following the turtles and dolphins deep into secret hideouts.

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Ridge of Diamond Head, Oahu | Rainbows, Adventures and Heights, a few of my favorite things.

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Makalawaena, Big Island | Times are changing all around us, the beaches are becoming crowded, buildings stretching over scared land and coral dying. Makalawaena is our last secret island beach in the beautiful town of Kona. A place of enchanting waters, where only the locals know about.

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Sandys, O’ahu | The waves break over sharp coral but create the most perfect wave once you master it. I surf for the fun and happiness it brings me.

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Honoli’i, Big Island: Quicksilver Pro Am | I LoveSurf

Make sure to follow Anathena on Instagram to see all her adventures! @anathenaa 

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