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Collagen Gummies

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Hair Health
Collagen provides amino acids that may lead to new and stronger hair, heal damaged hair, prevent hair thinning, and even slow graying. *
Skin Health
Our Collagen gummies may help reduce the effects of aging by adding moisture to the skin, improving skin elasticity, and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. *
Nail Health
Collagen peptides strengthen and feed the nail bed, helping the nails grow and stay healthy. *


Say hello to our Complete Collagen Fit Bunny Gummies! They’re delicious and oh-so nutritious. Also known as the key to staying young and backed by science, Our Collagen Gummies are formulated to provide the necessary nutrients your body needs to promote collagen production. Collagen, (aka, the anti-aging fountain of youth) the most abundant protein in the body, provides structure to bones and is a major component of connective tissue, including tendons, ligaments, skin & muscles. Moreover, collagen is important in helping bodies heal wounds and reduce inflammation. Boost collagen production to reduce wrinkles, slow the aging of skin, and enhance skin suppleness. Give your body what it needs to naturally synthesize collagen - cheers to staying young!*

  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles

  • Joint Health

  • Reduces Inflammation

  • Slows the aging process*

  • Supports healthy skin hydration

  • Promotes youthful skin elasticity & health

We at Fit Bunny (Fit Bunny Collagen Gummies) strive for maximum safety and maximum results. We used only the best ingredients available to ensure an effective product that looks great and tastes great too! Most importantly, everyone is saying "It works!".

COLLAGEN: Collagen is an important protein in body that supports body & face care for BOTH Women & Men. We developed natural Collagen Gummies with 100mg Bovine Collagen type I & III per Serving.
BEAUTY CARE BENEFITS: Our collagen gummies help improve hair structure & provide faster growth. Collagen helps to strengthen thick & brittle nails, grow healthy nails. For ALL ages & skin types
ANTI-AGING PROPERTIES: Over the years, collagen levels reduce ➔ skin loses elasticity, hydration. Our product helps to hydrate the skin, improve elasticity & brightness, reduce signs of aging.
MAXIMUM CARE FOR YOUR HEALTH: Collagen Gummies support hips & joints, help with inflammation, and bone strength. Moreover, This Vitamin promotes restful sleep and helps to reduce stress & anxiety.

We designed our vitamins for those who were looking for easy to eat vitamins without the struggle of swallowing pills. Improve overall health & increase hair strength. This formula is based off of clinical trials that have shown these ingredients to improve health. Nourish your body from within with our cruelty free gummy vitamins.

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