Press Release: LoveSurf Reminds Sunbathers of Realities of SPF


LoveSurf, an online retailer that features swimwear, activewear, and casual beach clothing, reminds those heading to the pools and beaches this summer that sunblock with a high SPF is still the best way to protect skin against harmful UV radiation.  Recent studies have shown that even one bad sunburn can raise the risk of future skin cancer, so it is important to prevent sunburn at all times while enjoying sand or surf.  LoveSurf not only advocates the use of sunscreening products but also offers a complete line of cover-ups and active wear, some of which contain built-in sunscreen.

April 9, 2013— LoveSurf is reminding sunbathers to lather on sunblock this summer to protect their skin from harmful summer rays.  The dangers of UV radiation have long been made public but many continue to suffer sunburns each year, especially at the beginning of beach season.  Recent evidence suggests, however, that even one bad sunburn can increase the future risk of skin cancer, so it is vitally important to use sunscreen correctly during every sun exposure event, with no exceptions.

LoveSurf, a company that specializes in swimwear, casual wear such as beach cover up dresses, and workout clothing, lists some myths about sun exposure and some tips for keeping safe in the sun and avoiding UV radiation danger.

Myth:  Skin cancer can only affect someone who spends years in the sun without sunblock.  New research suggests that even one bad sunburn as a young person can increase an individual’s risk of skin cancer later in life.

Myth:  Sunblock stops the tanning process.  Sunblock does not stop an individual from tanning, as tanning is a natural reaction of skin to sun exposure over time.  Instead, sunblock keeps out only dangerous UV rays that can cause radiation burns.

Myth:  All sunblock is the same.  High-quality sunblock does not contain dangerous chemicals and works more effectively than other types.  The higher the SPF number, the more protection available for users.  Children should use a 60 or higher SPF while adults should use at least 30 SPF.  Sunblock should be applied as often as necessary to protect the skin but especially after swimming or sweating, even if the label says “waterproof.”

Myth:  Sunburn turns into tan.  Sunburn does not “turn into” tan; rather, sunburned skin may peel, revealing tan beneath.  Sunburned skin, however, is damaged and usually does not survive while a tan is a deeper part of healthy skin.

LoveSurf encourages everyone to get the facts about sunburn, SPF, and sunblock before heading out to the pool or beach this summer.

About LoveSurf:  LoveSurf is an online activewear and beachwear retailer that offers the best in beach cover up dresses and girls maxi dresses as well as swim and surfwear and workout gear.  LoveSurf is dedicated to finding followers the latest beach and pool fashion trends, accessories and information to help them make wise wardrobe investments.  Users can also share their finds with others on the LoveSurf website through its interactive, user-friendly format.

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