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LoveSurf Girl: Anna Ehrgott

Bio: I’ve always been drawn to the outdoors. It started off as a love for hiking, camping, being around boats and spending lots of time road tripping down to Baja. When I was 8 I started surfing and it quickly consumed my life. Nothing seems to be as pure and simple as surfing and it was a way to tie all my interests together. I’m 22 now and still feel the same way about being in the water. Q: What is it about you that makes you a LoveSurf Girl? A: Lovesurf is a brand for active gals who are grounded by a love of the ocean and the outdoors. It caters to women who prioritize health, style and happiness. As a surfer, model and serial hobbyist I want to be a part of the visions Lovesurf has in store. Q: What is a typical week for you? Do you follow a strict training routine? A: I find adventure and fun in straying away from having any type of routine. I like the excitement of being somewhere new and doing something different every week. For the most part that includes surfing, hiking, camping, sewing, and surf photography. Living this way …

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The 12 Best Foods You Can Eat After a Workout

Don’t let all that hard work go to waste! It ain’t news, but your body uses energy when you workout. That means you need to replenish that energy within an hour or two after you’re done working out. Without food, your muscles won’t properly recover, and all your hard work could go to waste. Even a small healthy snack within 15 minutes of working out goes a long way. Here’s the 12 best foods you can snack on after a workout: 1. Water This is a no-brainer. You need to replenish with 2 to 3 glasses of water for every pound lost during a workout. 2. Dried Fruit & Nuts This is an easy on the go snack. Portable, but it packs a punch to help you replenish protein that helps you build muscles, and carbs to give you energy. 3. Bananas They are high in potassium, and bananas are high in the “good” kinds of carbs you need after a workout to help restore your body’s levels of glycogen, which helps rebuild damaged muscles. 4. Blueberries They are full of antioxidants, low in calories, and studies show that blueberries triple the rate at which your body repairs itself after an intense workout. 5. …

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Congrats to Carissa Moore

Congrats to Carissa Moore on winning the Vans US Open of Surfing taking the No. 1 Position in the ASP Women’s World Title Race! x LOVESURF Congrats Carissa Moore! was originally published on LOVESURF BLOG Share this with a friend:

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