Surf Training with Alana Blanchard

It’s a typical winter day on Kauai.  It is 70 degrees, windy, rainy with a bit of sunlight shining through the clouds.  Alana walks in the studio. I ask her how she is and how the surf is.  She answers, “Fun but a bit blown out.”  She’s an optimist I know and will usually make the best out of every situation.  She says I’m ready for “a really good workout”.  I know what this means; Alana is one of my strongest clients.  And I’ve been doing this for 12 years with all levels of professional athletes.  She is amazing.  She is an animal…this will be a tough workout.  Here is her workout:


Photo Courtesy of Swell

We start our workout with running on the bosu ball.  This allows the tendons, ligaments and core tempeture to become elevaleted.  Alana is graceful, coordinated and yet humble.

Here we go…

Start with reverse lunges on a high step (15 repetitions), front plyometric lunges, 15 repetitions, 15 pulses.  Next a chest flye with leg lift (15 repetitions),  plié squat jump and 20 pulse, a 3 minute round of boxing alternating kicks and upper body combinations, tricep dips on the bench with feet elevated on the bosu ball,  side extensions on the stability ball,  donkey kicks with ankle weights, crunches on bender ball, rows on trx.  Here is the kicker… Alana does this 3 times through.  It takes an hour with no rest.  The hour flies by and Alana moves with no breaks…we end with 5 minutes of yoga stretches.


Photo Courtesy of Swell. Bikini by Rip Curl.

A fit method workout consists of all the five components of fitness; cardiovascular, core, flexibility, strength and endurance.  There are no breaks except for a quick sip of water.  It’s demanding and challenging but when your done you feel like you have pushed your body to the limit.
– Summer Mencini, Certified Personal Trainer/Owner of Fit Kauai

This article was originally published on Swell

Surf Training with Alana Blanchard was originally published on LOVESURFLIFE

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