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Here’s a few easy hacks to increase your health and nutrition, whether you are just trying to look your best or improve your performance in the water. There are insane fad diets all over the internet these days that I won’t let you fall into them! Instead of grabbing a $10 green drink after a long night (that you think will cure everything) try these easy fixes that will improve your overall health without spending crazy money. Those green drinks are great and super healthy, but also can put a hole in your pocket. Make life easy, follow these hacks!


Most people walking around are extremely dehydrated. Even though our bodies are made up of mostly water, we still don’t drink enough of it! First thing in the morning, instead of picking up that cup of coffee, drink a whole bottle of water or a big glass. Before you even eat anything! We consume loads and loads of sugary drinks, coffees, teas and we don’t drink enough water. For every coffee or sugary drink you have, drink a bottle of water with it. Drinking more water will enhance your performance, keep you awake, make your skin glow and have all your organs working correctly! It’s totally worth it.

#2) Carbs & Protein..the good, the bad, the ugly.

Everyday we either grab a bagel, toast with peanut butter and strawberries, pancakes etc…you get where I am going here, right? Well, in the morning the average person doesn’t get a sufficient amount of protein, as most people would grab that quick bagel and cream cheese on their way to work. Eating protein in the morning will keep you full longer..possibly all day even! Reach for eggs or even an Acai Bowl with added protein powder in it. YUM! Mornings don’t have to be boring, wake up a bit earlier and enjoy them.

#3) Cut out Alcohol

Yes, going out with our friends is fun but you shouldn’t do it every single weekend, all weekend. People tend to lose their healthy habits once the weekend hits, happy hour anyone? Try new activities with your friends (and I don’t mean going to a wine tasting festival) Get your sweat on in a new class you have always wanted to take, take a hike in the mountains or just go out for a healthy lunch (without the high calorie drinks) Hey, I’m all for celebrating and having a great time! But cutting alcohol from your diet could be the key to losing your last few pounds, increasing your energy and performance.

#4) Sweat!

That’s right, just sweat! Wake up in the morning and get your sweat on at your favorite class or go outside for an outdoor work out or just a stroll. Working out in the morning will increase your energy and productivity throughout the day, so get out there!

& Don’t forget to wear your LoveSurf leggings! Wear them in the gym or in the office, they are comfy and versatile for every occasion!

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