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Proudly Presenting our Short Film “We are LOVESURF.”  Embracing our California roots and active beach culture, we strive to promote health, happiness, and inspiration throughout everything we do from sunrise to sunset. Our Swim-to-Gym active line is for the girl who seeks non-stop adventure whether she’s on land or in the sea. The concept behind the Swim-to-Gym collection is simple, comfortable and stylish pieces to be worn in and out of the water. Each piece is quick-drying, packable and functional, perfect for those who like to take a dip in the ocean after a beach run. Our short film was shot in the heart of San Clemente by the talented folks at the Wonderland Group and produced by Agency GLOW. Our goal was to perfectly capture the LOVESURF lifestyle. “We are LOVESURF” encapsulates the day in the life of the LOVESURF girl, starting off her day well before sunrise and continuing a happy and active life into the twilight hours. Huge props to our model Rayne Gourley who braved the freezing ocean water and was up before dawn to perfectly embody the LOVESURF lifestyle. It was amazing to watch the breathtaking, cotton candy sunrise to kick off the first scene of the short film. Rayne was such a pleasure to work with and …

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Summer Trend: Flowers

One of the hottest motifs at this year’s fashion show is the ubiquitous flower.  Incorporated into fashion as a fabric motif, accessory theme or even in hair pieces, every woman on the catwalk seems to be in bloom with this year’s blossoms.  Passionflowers as well as roses and daisies are in vogue, but almost any flower can be incorporated into great summer wear. LoveSurf is proud to offer tons of flowery options this summer to plump up your beach and casual wardrobe.  You can choose from a large number of swimsuit covers, cute maxi dresses and bathing suits that feature flower motifs in fabric or finishing so that you can show off your great taste poolside, at the beach, or at all your summer parties. Here are some of LoveSurf’s great fashions featuring flower prints and accessories to keep you looking great this summer: ·       Floralicious Ruffle Bandeau Bikini.  The name says it all—floral and delicious!  This cute bikini combo features bottom side ties for the perfect fit adjustment and a bandeau top with generous coverage.  What a great way to incorporate flowers into your bathing suit wardrobe! ·     Leaf Den Juniors Tube Top.  The lovely forest-green background supports a garden …

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Summer Trend: Black & White

The fashion houses unleashed a flood of bold, eye-catching black and white checks, stripes and combinations this spring, and what happens on the catwalk is sure to find its way poolside quickly.  You do not need to be a Paris model to bring a breath of the latest trend to your next beach party gathering or day trip to the shore. This season, black and white is a strong color combination with several advantages for savvy casual wear shoppers. Black and white together satisfies several fashion requirements.  First, black-on-white patterns, or vice verse, satisfy the need for strong, bold linear patterns that create instant eye appeal.  Second, black and white can meet the need to camouflage or highlight, depending on how each color is used.  Third, black and white complement almost any skin tone or hair color.  No wonder this versatile color combination keeps reappearing season after season! Black/White Combos—Stripes, Prints and Checks Looking for the perfect black/white bathing suit or casual wear can be as simple as matching two monochrome pieces—one black, one white—to create a stunning outfit.  LoveSurf offers several outfits this season that create monochromatic combos for casual outfits.  Let’s take a look at a few: Bondi …

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Beach Party Fashion: Accesories

You may have heard the saying “the devil is in the details” and this is particularly true when you are considering accessories for your beach outfits.  After all, most bathing suits, no matter how well-crafted or unique, follow basic patterns:  bikinis, maillots, tanks, and mono-kinis.  It is what you add to your beachwear that makes you stand out from the crowd. Let’s start with gearing up for the beach.  You need a cute workout bag or other tote for your supplies, so why not invest in a great bag from LoveSurf?  Instead of hauling your suntan lotion, flip flops and coverup in last year’s backpack or, worse still, a plastic shopping bag, choose a tote that expresses your personality from LoveSurf’s large selection. In your tote, you will always want to have high SPF sunscreen, sunglasses and a soft t-shirt.  If you feel the sun getting too hot, slip the t-shirt on over your suit for a bit to protect your back and shoulders.  You may also want to keep a pair of Capri pants on hand for the same reason.  Of course, a great beach cover-up such as a sarong, maxi dress or tunic is also a good choice …

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Love Our Hashtags: #tunic

A tunic is, by definition, a long, straight garment that covers the torso.  However, beyond this basic definition, the tunic can take you anywhere your imagination can travel.  The tunic is one of the most versatile of garments and actually hearkens back for millennia—a form of the tunic has been worn throughout history due to its simple construction, good coverage and insulation, and ease of care.  The tunic was actually a men’s garment for many centuries, worn by huntsmen, herdsmen and those who needed freedom of movement in their work. Today’s tunic cover-ups do not have much in common with Robin Hood, however.  Tunics have become largely a woman’s dress item, for one thing, and for another the detailing and beauty of this style is far above the average tunic of yesterday.  Women now have almost unlimited options when working off the basic tunic style:  long, short, large or small sleeves or sleeveless, and details such as feathers, beads, and fantastic prints. The LoveSurf #tunic hashtag category contains an eye-popping array of lovely styles, colors and trimmings that will suit any taste.  Here are a few of our favorites: Teal Lucca tunic—this simple and beautiful style is sweet as sugar …

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Beach Party Fashion: Sandals

Summer is the time to wiggle your toes in the sand, and what better footwear could you choose than a great sandal or flip flop?  These easygoing shoes have become iconic symbols of beach life, providing protection for the foot with maximum freedom to play.  Many people have incorporated the flip flop and sandal into everyday fashion as well, making this ubiquitous footgear something seen everywhere from the beach to the dance floor. LoveSurf has a great collection of flip flop and sandal styles in everything from ultra-casual to “bling” to give you the perfect footwear for every social occasion. Flip flops and sandals are obviously casual but that does not mean that they cannot be paired with great clothing and include embellishments that make them seem more sophisticated.  Far from the “rubber shower shoes” of the past, flip flops and sandals have now become fashion statements in their own right.  The fact that you can stuff your favorite pair in your beach bag and head for the surf is just icing on the cake! Pair a great pair of flip flops or sandals with a pair of cutoffs and a tunic top for an effortless casual look.  If you …

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Beach Party Fashion: Maxi Dresses

Since its introduction in the 1960’s, the maxidress has been providing great casual coverage for women in a plethora of styles and colors.  Women were quick to discover the flexibility and benefit offered by the maxidress and it has never really gone out of style, acting as both casual sportswear and cover-ups at the beach or after a workout, or a pairing for other pieces.  LoveSurf loves our maxidresses and has them in prints, colors and styles to suit almost everyone. The word “maxidress” invokes different images for different people.  Some consider a long-sleeve tunic a maxidress, while others do not apply the title to any garment that does not reach the floor.  For most of us, however, the term “maxidress” invokes the idea of a long dress, often made of cotton or terry material. Maxidresses come in almost any configuration imaginable.  Some have a built-in bra, especially if they are sleeveless or tube-top styles.  Others have long, flowing sleeves and high necklines.   The variety of styles available for maxidresses is almost unlimited, so you are sure to find one that fits your figure and your lifestyle. Maxidresses that are very large and “floating” may be the choice of girls …

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Summer Trends 2013: Monochrome

Single colors never really go out of style, but this season clear, vibrant solid shades have made a hit in the fashion industry.  Deep, rusty blacks; vibrant, vivid reds; cool, single-tone blues; and bright, sunny yellows will all be spotted poolside and on the beaches this summer.  Indulge in monochromatic beauty at LoveSurf with plenty of single-color item choices, including: Convertible Jersey Dress.  Available in flattering earth tones, this monochromatic strapless dress is comfortable, lightweight, and travels easily.  Throw this in your suitcase and you will always have instant glamour ready for impromptu parties or just lounging by the pool on your next vacation. Butterfly Bikini.  The sexy cutouts on this monochromatic bikini are sure to catch everyone’s eye!  Available in several solid shades, this bikini will be sure to become a go-to favorite for the beach or pool. Bayside One-Piece Swimsuit.  A timeless classic, this curve-hugging tank is available in keyhole neckline design and solid shades.  Slimming and sophisticated, this maillot is the classic summer swimsuit for every beach or party gathering. Circus Terry Cover-up Romper.  It is shorts, a top, and a cove-up all in one!  This romper features soft, plush terry cloth in white, a drawstring waist …

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