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Fit Tip: Beach Running

Bored with the usual grind of going for a run and having that run consist of miles of flat, hard asphault or dealing with colorful characters while on a treadmill? If you’re lucky enough to live by the beach, or be visiting one soon , switch up your routine and go for a jog in the sand. Not only is the view gorgeous and the smell of the ocean way better than your typical street/gym smells, the sand offers excellent resistance. That resistance helps burn 30% more calories! Here’s some tips to get the most out of your sandy workout: Choose your equipment: You don’t need a whole lot for a run on the beach. We would choose these versitile shorts from Nike that have a matching halter top for plenty of support. Also, the shorts are made out of swimsuit material just in case you decide to take a quick dip. Go barefoot. Going without shoes allows you to use your toes to grip the ground, so it’s great for the muscles in your feet and calves. Just be careful because running on uneven surfaces can increase the risk of sprains and tendonitis, not to mention cuts and scrapes …

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How to Stay Fit on the Beach

Going to the beach does not necessarily mean you have to spend the whole day sunning yourself. Instead, you can engage in any of the following four activities to improve your fitness levels: Running Running is a great exercise when it comes to shedding excess weight, relieving stress, and leading an active lifestyle. However, you must have the right beach activewear before you start running or jogging. You can get good beach lifestyle wear at Surfing When it comes to adventure sports, surfing is quite popular. The good news is you do not have to be a professional surfer to ride the waves. However, you should probably start with something less daunting, for example, stand up paddle boarding. Beach Volleyball All you require to enjoy beach volleyball is a beach ball, a group of friends and the right beach clothing for the sport. Besides being great fun, the game helps to exercise many body parts including the arms, legs, shoulders, and abdominal muscles. Swimming Swimming is one of the most popular beach fitness activities. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), swimming for about half an hour can help you reduce the risk of developing high …

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