We love our Hashtags: #neon

You probably already know how great neon looks against summer-tanned skin.  Neon items such as bathing suits, t-shirts and accessories give you the ultimate summer, beachy look and make you shine at parties, on the shore, or by the pool. Neon comes in several shades, but the most common are yellow, orange and green.  Neon is named for an element often used in lighting that gives off a bright, vibrant glow.  Neon colors stimulate the eyes and radiate that same glow to skin.  If you have a slight tan, neon makes it look even better! The essence of neon is luminescence.  Neon is a great addition to any summer wardrobe, especially when you have choices like the ones at LoveSurf.  We love neon and believe it represents the best of this year’s summer trends.  Browse our complete line of neon products under the hashtag #neon, share them with your friends, or follow individual items or the whole array as it becomes available.  Current offerings under #neon include: Iman neon braided wrap bracelet.  Give yourself a cool look that is reminiscent of surfer culture with a braided wrap bracelet that incorporates great neon colors.  This wide bracelet includes copper and brass …

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