12 Simple Ways to Motivate Yourself

Being motivated 24/7 is hard. With school, work, relationships, health and just life in general, having a goal in mind and being self-driven is vital for staying positive and sustaining personal-motivation. Even the most determined people can lose the drive they need to reach their goals so don’t be discouraged if you lose steam here or there, it’s normal! Whether you are trying to ace your next exam, run that extra mile or practice yoga everyday, just remember to never give up! Set realistic, small goals. First, you’ll need to figure out what you want to accomplish…realistically speaking. You can’t wake up one day spontaneously run a marathon. You need to train and work up to that 26.2 mile run! Write down your goals and top reasons for working towards them. Try to set a date of when you want to accomplish your goal by. Tape them on your wall, computer or bathroom mirror. This will help remind you throughout the day and it will become easier to stay on track and stay focused. Find out what makes you happy. Working toward something that makes you happy, will make finding motivation much easier. Find out what is going to make you want to get out of bed …

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Creating Happiness in Your Life by Being Active

  “Be healthy. Be happy.” It’s what every LoveSurf girl lives by. Living a healthy lifestyle is directly connected to happiness. When you feel good about yourself, you feel your happiest. There are hundreds of ways you can create happiness in your life, but one of our favorites is living an active lifestyle. A quick surf, dip in the ocean, run outdoors or a couple sun salutations can boost your mood and make you a more joyful person. We all know fitness can do incredible things for our body, but what is often forgotten is how fitness effects our brain. Exercise is one of the keys to happiness. Working out releases chemicals called endorphins which lower stress and make you feel in a state of total elation. Using fitness to feel happier is fun and can also create opportunities to interact with others and strengthen relationships. Ready to break a sweat yet? Get outside with a friend and motivate each other to work your hardest. Happiness is all about balance. At times it may seem hard to have it all together. Try to slow down, take a deep breath and reflect on what makes you happy. Dedicate your time to these aspects of your life. Whether it be family, …

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We are thankful for: FAMILY

Today we are thankful for Family. Family isn’t always blood. It’s the people in your life who want you to be in theirs; the ones who accept you for who you are. The ones who would do anything to see you smile and who love you no matter what. We are forever thankful for Family. x lovesurf We are thankful for: FAMILY was originally published on LOVESURF BLOG Share this page with a friend:

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