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Fit Tip: Foam Rolling Exercises for Surfers

How it works: Foam rolling helps break up muscle tightness that can cause mobile restrictions in your body. It increases blood flow to soft tissue allowing muscles to fire at peak efficiency during exercise. When used correctly, foam rolling your muscles releases tension, knots and tightness, while improving flexibility, strength, and muscle release. It decreases injury and leads to faster muscle recovery so you won’t feel sore days after a weekend surf session. How to Foam Roll:  Foam rolling can be done before or after exercise. Foam rolling works great before stretching. Let your body weight push down on the roller and roll up and down the muscle. Focus on any trigger points (knots in the muscle). Roll on each area for 30-60 seconds (or longer if you need). Don’t roll over bones or joints. Don’t roll on recently injured areas. Hamstrings: Flexibility in the lower body is essential for full mobility of the entire body.Tightness in the hamstrings or hip flexors can hinder your ability to maintain balance and center of gravity while digging in during your turns or sticking an air or floater. Loosening up the hamstrings can help reduce back pain after surfing, and help you feel better while on the wave by mobilizing your pelvis. …

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Fit Tip: Foam Rolling Basics

In this video, Christina Sinclair from Beach Babe Fitness explains how essential foam rolling is to you exercise routine. Foam rolling is an excellent tool to reduce pain and prevent injury. It can be integrated into your exercise routine the same as you would incorporate stretching. Note: Notice how she didn’t mention rolling out the IT (short for iliotibial) Band? Located on the outside of the leg, the IT band is a ligament and not a muscle. Don’t foam roll here because a) you can’t really stretch (or lengthen) a ligament b) you’re likely to damage the IT band causing inflammation. What to Wear:            Shop all Workout Clothing on X LOVESURF Fit Tip: Foam Rolling Basics was originally published on LOVESURF BLOG Share this page with a friend:

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