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Proudly Presenting our Short Film “We are LOVESURF.”  Embracing our California roots and active beach culture, we strive to promote health, happiness, and inspiration throughout everything we do from sunrise to sunset. Our Swim-to-Gym active line is for the girl who seeks non-stop adventure whether she’s on land or in the sea. The concept behind the Swim-to-Gym collection is simple, comfortable and stylish pieces to be worn in and out of the water. Each piece is quick-drying, packable and functional, perfect for those who like to take a dip in the ocean after a beach run. Our short film was shot in the heart of San Clemente by the talented folks at the Wonderland Group and produced by Agency GLOW. Our goal was to perfectly capture the LOVESURF lifestyle. “We are LOVESURF” encapsulates the day in the life of the LOVESURF girl, starting off her day well before sunrise and continuing a happy and active life into the twilight hours. Huge props to our model Rayne Gourley who braved the freezing ocean water and was up before dawn to perfectly embody the LOVESURF lifestyle. It was amazing to watch the breathtaking, cotton candy sunrise to kick off the first scene of the short film. Rayne was such a pleasure to work with and …

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Weekend Beach Workout

The perfect weekend workout for a quick tone-up and burst of cardio. This workout can be done on the beach, by the lake, or anywhere that inspires you! For the cardio portion, take a run on the sand, a bike ride, climb stairs, surf, or whatever feels best that day. Enjoy your weekend! Shop all Outdoor Fitness on LoveSurf.com X LOVESURF Weekend Beach Workout was originally published on LOVESURF BLOG Share this page with a friend:

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Sneak Peek: O’Neill 365 Amity Pullover

Available next week when the new LoveSurf.com site launches! We love everything O’Neill 365, but we’re really loving this pullover for chilly evenings at the beach and for morning jogs. It is a polyester spandex pullover with a half-zip for easy on and off and UV 50 sun protection. Quick dry material has a dry rate greater than or equal to 50% dry within 30 minutes. Reflective logos. Draw cords at waist for cinching. Great for layering in or out of the water! It’s awesome, and LoveSurf can’t wait to share it with you soon! x LOVESURF Sneak Peek: O’Neill 365 Amity Pullover was originally published on LOVESURF BLOG Share this page with a friend:

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Surf Hair Care: Keep those Beachy Strands Healthy

We know the ocean makes the most beautiful natural beachy waves, but when you’re at the beach a lot, like most LoveSurf girls, you’re hair can definitely get damaged. The sun and salt can really do a number on your strands. Here’s a few tips to keep your hair healthy and split end-free at the beach: Pre-Sun Care Use a high SPF sunscreen on your scalp and strands to protect you from getting burnt.  Put coconut oil on the ends before you go in the water, this will protect them from splitting   Wet your hair before getting in the water to keep you hair from absorbing salt water Post-Sun Care If you can, rinse with fresh water as soon as you get out of the ocean. As soon as you get out of the water spray with some type of nourishing treatment (Leave-in conditioner will work fine) Rinse with a cleansing shampoo, or because we prefer using natural products whenever we can, rinse your hair with Apple cider Vinegar after shampooing. Put coconut oil on the ends (not to much or your hair will go greasy) And don’t forget to use a deep conditioning treatment or hair mask once a week. Products …

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3 Reasons Why You Should Try Beach Volleyball for Your Next Workout

There are so many fun fitness activities in summer! From splashing in the waves to hiking and biking, it’s a great time of year to get outside. One of our favorite summer sports to play though is beach volleyball. Not only is beach volleyball fun, but it’s an excellent workout. Read on for three reasons why you should try beach volleyball! 3 Reasons Why Beach Volleyball Is a Good Workout 1. It burns calories. Because you’re in the sand, which is an unstable surface that’s harder to move in than on grass or concrete, an hour-long game of beach volleyball burns quite a few calories. From all the running, jumping and diving, you can expect to burn 484 calories an hour. 2. It’s a full-body workout. Beach volleyball uses every part of your body. You use your arms, shoulders and chest to bump, spike and serve the volleyball; you use your legs to run through that sand and squat down to reach the volleyball; and you use your core to stay balanced while you do all that. Beach volleyball is truly a full-body workout! 3. It doesn’t feel like “working out.” This is perhaps the best reason of all! Because you’re so focused on the beach volleyball game …

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Outdoor Fitness

While many of us work out in a gym or studio, many people still prefer the great outdoors for their fitness routines.  While outdoor fitness is dependent on weather and location, nature can still provide one of the most exciting and natural workouts available.  Many people enjoy the sights, sounds and scenery of the outdoors as much as they do the exercise itself. LoveSurf offers a variety of outdoor fitness gear made by important designers and manufacturers such as Roxy Outdoor Fitness.  Depending on the type of outdoor activity you enjoy, you can find all sorts of fitness gear at LoveSurf.  Rowing, running, or rock climbing—LoveSurf is the place to find all of your fitness clothing and look great while you work out. Outdoor fitness activities require different clothing than those that take place in the water or in a gym, although there may be some crossover between various types of workouts.  Primarily, outdoor activities require clothing that meets three requirements:  durability, sun protection, and flexibility. Outdoor workout gear gets a much harder workout than clothing used to work out in a gym or studio.  Yoga, for example, requires clothing with a great deal of give and stretch but is …

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Fit Tip: Beach Running

Bored with the usual grind of going for a run and having that run consist of miles of flat, hard asphault or dealing with colorful characters while on a treadmill? If you’re lucky enough to live by the beach, or be visiting one soon , switch up your routine and go for a jog in the sand. Not only is the view gorgeous and the smell of the ocean way better than your typical street/gym smells, the sand offers excellent resistance. That resistance helps burn 30% more calories! Here’s some tips to get the most out of your sandy workout: Choose your equipment: You don’t need a whole lot for a run on the beach. We would choose these versitile shorts from Nike that have a matching halter top for plenty of support. Also, the shorts are made out of swimsuit material just in case you decide to take a quick dip. Go barefoot. Going without shoes allows you to use your toes to grip the ground, so it’s great for the muscles in your feet and calves. Just be careful because running on uneven surfaces can increase the risk of sprains and tendonitis, not to mention cuts and scrapes …

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