Fitness Tip: Running Shoe Lacing Techniques

When most runners purchase their running shoes from a specialty running store they are usually already cross-laced and ready to go. Or are they? Did you know there are different ways that you can lace your shoes to make them more comfortable or to help customize your shoes for your feet? Here are some of the more common shoe lacing patterns that help combat some common shoe issues.  First, let’s cover the LOOP LACING LOCK. This technique can be used in a number of different lacing patterns to insure a tight and snug fit anywhere along the eye row of your shoe, depending on where your laces seem to be slipping. In this example, the loop lacing lock is at the top of the shoe. The shoe was cross-laced as usual to the top of the shoe. To accomplish the loop lacing lock, put each lace end back into the same hole it just exited, leaving a small loop on each side. Then thread each loose end through the loop on the opposite side of the shoe. Pull tight to make loops smaller. Then tie shoe as usual. PROBLEM: High Instep Near the toe of the shoe, start lacing with the cross-lacing technique. Once …

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