Press Release: LoveSurf Announces New Line of Surfwear

LoveSurf, an Internet casual wear company that specializes in the highest quality and best selection for women’s surf, beach and workout wear, announces a new line of surfwear and active wear clothing that promises to captivate customers.  With a new line of t-shirts, Capri pants and leggings, and tons of other new items, LoveSurf’s new spring lines promise to be its most exciting ever, and the website always comes with great interactive tools such as the “Love Button” and social media sharing. April 17, 2013—LoveSurf, a premier designer and Internet marketer of women’s and casual beach and workout wear, announces a new spring lineup including additions of yoga gear as well as casual pants and tees. LoveSurf is already well-known for its fun and interactive website that allows customers to share their favorite fashions with their friends and other website users.  Whether tweeting a favorite girls maxi dress or a complete line of beach cover up dresses or voting for best maxi dress on Facebook, customers can claim their favorite gear and shop virtually with friends. Now, LoveSurf is adding to its extensive lineup of beach, swim, surf and active wear with new spring additions.  Among these additions are: LoveSurf …

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Fit Tip: Beach Running

Bored with the usual grind of going for a run and having that run consist of miles of flat, hard asphault or dealing with colorful characters while on a treadmill? If you’re lucky enough to live by the beach, or be visiting one soon , switch up your routine and go for a jog in the sand. Not only is the view gorgeous and the smell of the ocean way better than your typical street/gym smells, the sand offers excellent resistance. That resistance helps burn 30% more calories! Here’s some tips to get the most out of your sandy workout: Choose your equipment: You don’t need a whole lot for a run on the beach. We would choose these versitile shorts from Nike that have a matching halter top for plenty of support. Also, the shorts are made out of swimsuit material just in case you decide to take a quick dip. Go barefoot. Going without shoes allows you to use your toes to grip the ground, so it’s great for the muscles in your feet and calves. Just be careful because running on uneven surfaces can increase the risk of sprains and tendonitis, not to mention cuts and scrapes …

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Ready for Summer!

If you spend any time on the beach, a cover-up is essential.  Beach cover-ups are usually single pieces, although some come in skirt/top combinations, and offer protection from sand, sun and surf.  They also give you a beautiful finished look that will have heads turning! Cover-ups are some of the most useful garments in your wardrobe, and many of them can move from beach to bar or party easily.  If you are visiting a resort or a friend’s beach house, a cover-up is essential to allow you to move fluidly from beach activity to party or gathering in an instant.   A cover-up makes you look instantly sophisticated and sexy, a woman who knows how to dress for every occasion. The best thing about today’s beach cover-ups is their variety.  Whether you want a short, flirty skirt with a spaghetti-strap top or a long maxi-dress with lovely cap sleeves, you can find the perfect look for your body type and the level of formality you want in a beach cover-up. Body cover-ups with gathered waistlines that fall at the natural waist are better for more rounded figures.  Choose a cover-up with a flattering halter top or thin straps to show off …

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