Beauty Benefits of Swimming in Salt water

Relaxation Salt water reduces inflammation of muscles and joints within your body. Coupled with the already-calming, meditative act of swimming, being in the sea will leave you with extreme feelings of zen. Beautiful skin The magnesium in seawater helps skin to retain moisture, so it will look and feel soft and smooth. Regular exposure to seawater can also help treat certain skin problems like acne and eczema. I personally have acne-prone skin and always find noticeable improvements by spending just 30 minutes swimming in the sea! Beachy hair While the salt in seawater can dry out your hair, it also adds gorgeous volume and texture to it. We love the look of beachy waves here at Free People – it’s a relaxed and summery look that brings our minds straight to the beach. To avoid dryness, prep your hair with a deep conditioning treatment before a day spent in the sea. Overall health Seawater is filled with vitamins, minerals, and elements necessary to keep you at your healthiest. Swimming in seawater will open your pores, allowing for maximum absorption of these things! Source: Beauty Benefits Of Swimming In Seawater | Free People Blog http://blog.freepeople.com/2013/06/benefits-swimming-seawater/#ixzz2jhdnJQjj Happy Swimming! x lovesurf Beauty Benefits of …

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We Love Our Hashtags: #swimtogym

Sometimes hashtag naming can just be plain fun.  At other times, it can be a powerful tool to find the threads you want to read or the products you really want to buy.  This is the case with LoveSurf’s hashtag naming system.  Users tag items based on a variety of features, so you can find exactly what you are looking for quickly and easily, and you can see what’s trending on LoveSurf.com.  Of course, you can always widen your search if you do not see enough results; however, today’s internet shoppers often need to save time or sift through thousands or even millions of results, and hashtag categories are a great way to do that. One neat LoveSurf hashtag category is the #swimtogym. Users mark these items when they see an item that is not just another pretty face but a hardworking member of the swimwear, surf, and SUP wear family.  This lets other shoppers know that these items have been vetted by others and found to be durable and comfortable as well as beautiful additions to your workout wardrobe.  Other items in the #swimtogym category may include unique workout garments that can be used in certain water sports such as …

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