SUP Fitness: Core Workout

We always love a good core workout, especially when it’s done on a Stand Up Paddle Board, because you get the added difficulty of balancing on your board that takes your workout to an entirely new level. SUP fitness trainer and yoga instructor, Jodelle Fitzwater, takes you through a great stand up paddling core workout that’s sure to get those abs workin’ hard! What to Wear: Stay high and dry with Roxy’s Syncro Hybrid Paddle Jacket. This Front Zip Style Jacket features and unbrushed polypropylene body and bamboo/poly mesh sleeves for breathability. 73% Recylced Nylon 27% Xtra Life LYCRA Sprandex Tricot. Open back with adjustable crossover straps to give excellent range of motion and minimal tan lines. Mesh outer layer and gathering detail at front. Chlorine resistant, lightweight and quick drying fabric. Fully lined with removable cups. UPF 50+ These Reef Shorts feature 1mm hyperstretch II, flatlock seams, elastic leg grippers, and is a shorter boy cut style. SHOP ALL PADDLE BOARDING APPAREL ON LOVESURF.COM SUP Fitness: Core Workout was originally published on LOVESURF BLOG Share this page with a friend:

Share this page with a friend:

Fit Tip: Foam Rolling Basics

In this video, Christina Sinclair from Beach Babe Fitness explains how essential foam rolling is to you exercise routine. Foam rolling is an excellent tool to reduce pain and prevent injury. It can be integrated into your exercise routine the same as you would incorporate stretching. Note: Notice how she didn’t mention rolling out the IT (short for iliotibial) Band? Located on the outside of the leg, the IT band is a ligament and not a muscle. Don’t foam roll here because a) you can’t really stretch (or lengthen) a ligament b) you’re likely to damage the IT band causing inflammation. What to Wear:            Shop all Workout Clothing on X LOVESURF Fit Tip: Foam Rolling Basics was originally published on LOVESURF BLOG Share this page with a friend:

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